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What’s Been Going On?

We went to (more accurately, Jeff recorded and partially worked) the 610 stompers ball during Mardi Gras.


Apparently there was a chair convention at work.


Did some more mardi gras stuff, with the haunted house from pontchartrain beach in Endymion…


… and with the Petoskey Steel Drum Band from Michigan…


…and even with E.T.!


For mardi gras day, we were Kim Jong Un Kardashian, and The Wrath of Khhhhaaaaannnye West.


Soon it was crawfish season, so we went to Redd’s on a bunch of Fridays.


Jeff had a Johnny Sketch gig on the Natchez for a bunch of doctors.


And Bag of Donuts raided Cowboy Mouth’s set at…wait, what was it? I don’t remember now. It was the same day as the Irish Italian parade though.


Then we ran across the Luling bridge for the first in a series of 3 bridge runs.


After that, it was festival season. First up, Wanee.




Next was Jazz Fest. Rose actually got to go! 4 days!

Paul Sanchez


Manny Fresh

Big Chief Monk Boudreaux at the Threadhead Patry

John Gros

Shamarr Allen

Buddy Guy

Jeff worked a few city park gigs from May – July.


From May 29-31, we spent our 5th anniversary weekend doing fun stuff, and stayed at Rick and Rob’s place in the quarter. Muchos gracias for that!!! It was most excellent. We started the weekend out at Chickie Wah Wah, enjoying the songs of Paul Sanchez, who dedicated the whole first hour of his show to our requests, which we would’ve been happy if only a few had been chosen. Who knew he’d turn it into a setlist!




These two are the two pictured above in the city park picture.


This sign sums up the entire city right now. Slow Construction.


It rained pretty bad for a little while on Saturday, the 30th. But Bourbon Street was prepared with drawbridges over the moats o’funk.



The following weekend was my birthday. Rose was at a conference, so she joined in the celebration on Sunday. On Friday, some of us went to June under the Moon at City Park. Free food, beer, and rides for one admission price all night! The person who checked my i.d. at the gate said I look really young for my age. Heh.

The person who took this picture cut it off, but I’m holding a hot dog in one hand, & a caption bubble that says “Aaaaaaaahhh!” above it.


Then I tried to feed beer to the pelican at the gate of the birthday party village. He would have none of that!


Saturday was the third bridge run in the series, the crescent city connection.


Sunday came and it was skating time. Woo! It was fun. I got terrible blisters from the skates, and my legs hurt cuz I’m so out of practice, but other than that it was fun. 🙂


On June 13, I went to the Saenger for the first time since around 2004 to see the Impractical Jokers. Funny stuff.


For the weekend of the 19-21, we celebrated my birthday together. We went on a cemetery tour during the day. I liked this picture because it reminded me of the Haunted Mansion. Of course.


And, that night, The Dan Band. We actually saw him walking from his limo, like, a block away, while we were looking for parking. For some reason I didn’t roll down the window and yell “DAN! DAN!” We ran into a TON of people while we were walking around down there, including two of the people who were on our cemetery tour. It was totally a LOST type day. We got there early, and could pretty much choose our spot. There was a good spot upstairs on the rail, but, I decided to do what I rarely do (but have done 2 of the 3 times I’ve seen the Dan Band for some reason) and went as far up front as possible. Oh but it’s so worth it. He just came out with a new album today, The Wedding Album. You should get that.


Now, let’s see how long I go before updating this thing again!

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