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Rehearsal Party Download

I’m finally finished mixing the music portion of our rehearsal party. Feel free to download them below. Our web hosting has a limit of 300gb of transfer per month, so I’ll be watching the stats to make sure we don’t go over. If we have a ton of people downloading these (haha), I may have to cut it off until the month rolls over. I broke it up into each set. All total, it’s about 224mb of mp3 goodness. 192kbps mp3 goodness, cuz that’s as low as i’ll go with lossy files. 😉

Please thank these guys by going to their websites and their shows, and buying their music! You can get to all of them from our links page.

Oh yeah. They’re all zip files. Right-click and Save As…usually works best. 🙂

So now, without further ado….

Paul Sanchez

Jimmy Robinson

Kiley Michael and Kelcy Mae

Pete Winkler and Susan Cowsill

Big Rock Candy Mountain

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2 Comments to “Rehearsal Party Download”

  1. […] And finally, today is the one-year anniversary of our super mega awesome rehearsal party. No, I can’t believe it either. In case you missed it, you can download it all here. […]

  2. Jeff, have I ever told you that you are the best?? Thanks for making these available to everyone!
    I was watching the DVD you sent me of the shows yesterday morning and feeling super homesick

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