Rose’s Birthday

21 March 2013

As you all know, last week was Rose’s birthday. So I came to visit her, and brought her main present with me: a 27″x51″ 1/4″ thick piece of glass so that we could finally build our display coffee table to put our awesome beads in. More on that later.

So I work a gig before I leave. In the first band, the drummer tells me his name is Pete. I tell him mine is Jeff. He says, oh, my middle name is Jeffrey. I say wow, my last name is Peters. !! The main, I guess, technical contact for the other band was named Chuck, which was my grandpa’s name. Then when the show’s over, I go home, pack the car, and leave. Now, there are some interesting thoughts you have as you drive at 3/4/5* in the morning after getting not-enough sleep the day before, and only having an hour nap. (* I noticed that I kind of went through 3 time zones while driving. Central Standard Time changed to Central Daylight Time, which then changed to Eastern Daylight Time, so I really time traveled that night.) As I was listening to “It’s All Been Done” by Barenaked Ladies, I started thinking, what if it HAS all been done? Jeff Peters? Pete Jeffrey? Chuck? Now, let me say here, I’ve, at different points in my life for different reasons, been called “Chuck” because of some similarity to my grandpa. Let me also say that Chuck’s wife’s name was, what else, Rose. And finally in this Lost-esque backstory, without going into too much detail, for those of you who don’t know, I’ll tell you that, before they died, they were both in the hospital, my grandma about to be released, my grandpa, who had been there like 2 months, maybe not so much. He passed, then within a matter of minutes, she did as well. It’s like he went upstairs to get her, we always said. So what if “Chuck” and Rose is some kind of continuance of Chuck and Rose? I know. Crazy, right?

And then another thought. There’s this guy, Randy, who was in this band, Zama Para, who recently passed (lots of death in this blog apparently). Read about him here. I wonder if all these “good die young” instances are because they’re actually angels on furlough, or something like that? I’ve actually considered something along those lines ever since The UnNatural episode of The X-Files. Angels, aliens, maybe the same thing? Hm.

Ok, good. Godaddy’s hosting control panel is finally back up, so I can upload these pictures of THE TABLE!!!

Yeah, on to happier things!

We’ve been wanting to build this table for a while now, but a) we had a lot of other house projects to work on, b) rose would be the main one building it and when would she have time, and c) we wanted to use glass instead of an acrylic sheet like the instructions called for, and that’s not exactly cheap, and has to be ordered, so we just kept putting it off. But with 95% of those projects done, and some time to work on it, and it being her birthday and all, I decided to finally get it.

So I gave her the glass when I showed up Sunday, cuz I didn’t wanna drive around with it in my car until Tuesday. Then Saturday we went and bought all the wood and stuff we needed. We actually lucked out because we found some wood for the frame around the glass that was already like we wanted it, and we didn’t need to use the router we borrowed. (Yeah I kept thinking about the internet thing every time she said router.) We borrowed another drill because there was a lot of drilling going on, and to buy another battery for my drill was just as much as buying a new drill, so between mine and the one we borrowed (that came with an extra battery and charger), we got what we needed done without having to waste a lot of time waiting for my drill to recharge.

I give Rose most of the credit for building this. I mean, I drilled some holes and screwed in some screws, and held it in place when necessary, but she did all the sawing and designing, etc, probably using all her surgery skills. And it came out pretty darn awesome.

So enough of my blabbing. Here it is already!

First, here’s how the dogs felt when we were “ignoring” them to build the table:

Making the “apron” of the table (I’m still waiting for it to cook us something):

Design notes and some tools:

Some wood, the legs, and some misc stuff not used in the project (unless you consider me blowing all the dirt and sawdust out of the garage with the blower the day after):

Math in action! (to cut the angles for the frame):

Making the frame for the glass:

A more complete “apron,” some tools, and Scrabble (also not a part of this project, but almost was when we thought we were gonna need to kill some time before the other drill showed up):

Jump ahead a little bit: base of table built, now being stained:

More staining:

And finally, the finished product!

The Endymion guy is happily celebrating with his Jameson (totally unintentional the way those landed, or so Rose says):

Yup, give 99% of the credit to Rose. Yeah, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’d never be able to pull this off. But I can make computers come back from the dead, and make a band on stage sound good, so I’m perfectly content with that. ๐Ÿ™‚

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First 1/6 of 2013

4 March 2013

Can you believe we’re already 1/6 of the way through 2013?!

I’ve been a blog slacker. I know I’ve disappointed you. I apologize. And the z on my keyboard is sticking, so you know how heartfelt that apology is.

New Year’s

For New Year’s Eve, we hung out with a bunch of friends at Stacy’s house. I brought fireworks. Only one other person brought fireworks. He’s kind of new to the group. He earned major points from me for that, and the potato gun. I mean, who doesn’t shoot fireworks on New Year’s?? ๐Ÿ™‚

 photo DSC05961_zps00990f38.jpg

WDW Half

About a week and a half later, we did the Disney World Half Marathon for the second time. We went as Flamingos. We had tutu flamingo tails. Our flamingo heads were very limp. If we go as flamingos again, we’ll have to stuff them better than the company that made them.

View all pictures here.

 photo DSC06010_zps5740c92e.jpg

There was construction going on in Fantasy Land. I think this is The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train:

 photo DSC06016_zpsdf87afef.jpg

Splash Mountain was also undergoing renovations. Look at all those logs!

 photo DSC06033_zpsa2d097eb.jpg

 photo DSC06034_zpsd5f64873.jpg

 photo DSC06038_zpsea414995.jpg

 photo Screenshot2013-02-16at101327AM_zps120d2796.jpeg

Mardi Gras

See all our photos from Mardi Gras here, and the Krewe of Bikeus pictures here.

I was supposed to walk in Barkus with Rae and one of her dogs (Patsy, I think. I suck, I never remember which is Patsy and which is Presley. Sorry girls. :)) But Rae got sick, so it was just me and “Patsy.” She was nervous when we first got there, but once we started walking she was fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

 photo DSC06047_zps47f3f5a5.jpg

Fast forward past the Super Bowl, to continue Mardi Gras. We had the first non-rainy Endymion for the first time in 3 years!

 photo DSC06120_zpsd9f8d68a.jpg

 photo DSC06121_zps9d826146.jpg

 photo DSC06128_zpsa0b6cc2e.jpg

This is Petey. He’s a neighbor’s dog.

 photo DSC06158_zpsaffbc337.jpg

Then came Mardi Gras day! Ok, so I fast forwarded again. Rose was kinda sick, so she didn’t go to the parades with me on Sunday. There was supposed to be 90% chance of rain, but it was great weather and even some sun. Monday it rained, so we just went out to lunch and relaxed. THEN came Mardi Gras day. We were the first people at Pal’s, which is weird to me, being the first person somewhere. As most of you already know, I was a King Cake Baby, and Rose was The U.S. Mint, offering people coins that were worth whatever they wanted them to be!

 photo DSC06174_zps455c47d3.jpg

 photo DSC06309_zps7a17a778.jpg

 photo DSC06216_zps29465534.jpg

Then sadly Mardi Gras was over. I really hate that time of year. For Valentine’s Day we had lunch at Ralph’s on the Park (George Porter had the same plans, apparently), then went for a brief walk in city park to get beignets at the relatively new Morning Call.

Well, I guess that’s enough for now. Mainly cuz I can’t think of anything else to talk about right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Carrollton Station – Part 4

10 January 2013

So I didn’t make it before the end of the year. Mainly because Carrollton Station will still be Carrollton Station, and I will still be there. We’ll have a different sound system, so we’ll see how that goes, but at least it will still exist. The new owners, Mike and Colleen Miller seem pretty nice, so it should be a good transition. Read the story here.

But let’s get this thing finished up anyway. There WILL be a part 5 because I’m feeling lazy-ish right now.

Another note: This didn’t get done sooner also because WordPress 3.5 has somehow screwed up the ability to add photos (and a few other things). They didn’t take the functionality away…it just doesn’t work for a lot of people. Some have found work-arounds. For others, like us, none of those work-arounds worked. So, I downgraded back to 3.4.2. And I see that silly WordPress 3.5 is available! Please update now! link at the top of the screen, and I just give it the ol’, “Ohh, one of these days, WordPress, one of these days….POW! Right in the kissa” stare.

Anyway, as you may already know, Carrollton Station was bought by new owners and they plan to keep the music. And me, so it seems. It’s a new sound system, and since we left before newstation opened, I don’t really know what the system will be. It was gonna be one thing, then another, then back to the one thing, so I really won’t know the deal til at least sunday night or monday. But, for now, let’s finish up these pictures.


The best show ever at Carrollton Station, our rehearsal party!

Not sure when this was. Don’t think it was 2010, but that’s the date on the picture. This coulda been Mommas and Papas, but not sure. Paul, Pete, Susan, Jimmy, Jansen, Johnny Sansone, Russ.

Supagroup, Mardi Gras 2010:

CiV: CSN&Y and CCR. Lots of Guests. Long night. You’ll see how long. Jazz Fest 2011:

Vox and the Hound, September 2011:

This next one is interesting. (Not that the rest aren’t.) Andie McDowell’s daughter, Rainey, was in town shooting something, and wanted to do a show. So they put together a band and did it, in October 2011.

Eric Lindell, Jazz Fest 2012:

CiV: The White Album, Jazz Fest 2012:

Well that about does it. You can find more in our various photobucket albums, so really no need to repost here. Now it’s time to look forward to what the new owners, Mike and Colleen Miller, will do with the place, and hopefully keep it’s awesome sound and gigs intact. You can believe that I’ll be reporting on that as soon as I can. Now, I must go cook dinner, and get ready for the Disney Half Marathon we’re doing Saturday. Yup. More on that later too.

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Carrollton Station – Part 3

4 December 2012

Ok, let’s hurry up and finish this. Gonna mostly speed thru 2007 since there’s a ton of pictures. And one from 2008. You’ll get more of an update on the status of Carrollton Station with the next update.

The City Life. They’re on our wedding cd. Awesome band. No longer together. Leo, the lead singer, has a new band that just released their first full-length cd. The band is called Vox and The Hound. You should check them out sometime.

January 21, 2007. Saints vs. Bears. Yeah. Bears. NFC title game. Coulda been our first trip to the Super Bowl. Alas, it was not meant to me. Add this game to the San Fran playoff game last season, and that cements the fact that I shouldn’t watch Saints playoff games at Carrollton Station. (For the record, the only other game I’ve watched there is the Dolphins game of our Superbowl season, where we it looked like we were gonna lose for the first time that season, but instead we rallied, recovered from 3 interceptions and 5 sacks, to score 22 unanswered points in the 4th quarter.) Moral of the story: regular season games ok at Station, post season games not.

I had to reserve my seat so people wouldn’t take it when I got up to get a drink.

Sonia Tetlow singing “Summertime” while friends and family play musical chairs:

Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show:

Putting up the new speakers (new on the left, old on the right):

The following pictures are from August 24-25. August 24 was the New Orleans Musician’s Relief Fund show, and August 25 was Paul Sanchez. That’s me with Mike Mills from R.E.M., and then a bunch of pictures of a bunch of drunk people. ๐Ÿ˜‰ SHOTS!

Next up, Nathalie’s annual birthday party, which happened to fall the same weekend as Halloween. I was Doc Brown. Paris Hilton and Austin Powers were there.

Dash Rip Rock with Michelle from Live Band Karaoke. In a nuthsell, well, if you don’t know…I’m not even gonna try to explain. Just see here or here. Click at your own risk. Thank you Bobby! Ahhh, good times.

Paul and Shamarr show people how to second line, and the Susan Cowsill Band covers Sly and The Family Stone. I don’t play drums, but I can sit behind them and look like I do.

Christmas 2007. Mark Miller, Anders Osborn, Karen and Chris Bailey, Jim McCormick, Rob Savoy, and Ron Hotstream.

Well, that does it for 2007. And that wasn’t too bad, so I’m gonna roll right into 2008 and 2009, since there’s only a few pictures from then. Here we go!

Mocksey… which was basically half of Motorway plus Jimmy Robinson and Chris Bailey.

Dash Rip Rock‘s annual Mardi Gras show, plus Chris Lee from Supagroup. This was 2 days before I proposed to Rose.

Jazz Fest 2009:

Paul’s between Jazz Fest weekends show:

Rose making a rare appearance:

Mark Broussard, John Gros, Anders Osborn:

Continental Drifters Reunion, then Susan Cowsill Band Covered In Vinyl: Sgt. Pepper featuring…well, a ton of people.

And finally, for now anyway, the Tom’s House reunion show.

Whew. Just one CS post left. I’m gonna combine 2010-2012 cuz honestly I just didn’t choose that many pictures for those years. So, it looks like I *will* finish this thing before the year’s over…..

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5 November 2012

Wow, already 2 months since I last put something on here. I better get around to getting the rest of those Station pix up. At this rate, they’ll be closed before I finish! ๐Ÿ˜›

So here’s what we’ve been doing for the past month.

September 29, we took part in the Disney Tower of Terror 10-Miler. It started at 10pm, and we finished around 12:45am or so, I think. Then we got to go to the park (studios) until 4am. We stayed and did the Tower of Terror, Buzz Lightyear, which I’ve never been on because it’s always too crowded, and Rock n Roller Coaster. New rule for that one, in addition to “no sitting on the rail and no flash photography”: no puking! Guess that was the “technical difficulty” that had closed the ride the first time we tried to go on it that night….

Inaugural Tower of Terror 10-Miler

And some pictures from the official photographers. Small ones, cuz we’re not gonna buy them. ๐Ÿ˜›

Then I put up some halloween decorations. These would’ve been a lot fancier if i had realized BEFORE halloween that the party shop is right across the street from the walmart i got this stuff from….

On October 20 i worked a show at Carrollton Station then immediately drove straight thru to Gville, watched the Saints game, took a small nap, and then we went to see Minus the Bear at the Florida Theater.

Saturday before halloween, we went to a Halloween party (with AWESOME decorations). Rose was a butterfly garden, and I was party rock (see Party Rock Literal – MSPaint for reference; off-topic, i was so sick of that song / hated that song before i saw that video).

Also, we finally finished the patio floor. As you may remember, it had old indoor/outdoor carpet when we moved in. I pulled that out some time ago, and we finally got to doing this. Sanded it, painted it, sealed it, and there you have it. Before and after.

There’s someone here running for some office. His name is Ted Yoho. Thankfully there’s someone else around here with my sense of humor who added this to his sign:

If you can’t read the addition, it says HO + bottle of rum ๐Ÿ™‚

Finally, on Friday (Nov 2) we went to a murder mystery party that people Rose works with had. Everyone plays a part. I was nervous about it, but I’m told I pulled it off well. I played Rowan McGregor, midway manager / con-man / smartass. Rose played Cat Levens, lion tamer. It was fun and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

That’s all for now!

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Carrollton Station – Part 2

1 September 2012

As I sit here relaxing in Rogers, AR at the Krupka Family reunion, knowing that it’s way better than being in NOLA right now a)because I’m with Rose and b)because my condo still doesn’t have power, I decided to kill some time by putting up part two.

I think I’ve decided that I’ll do the rest of these by year. So let’s see. That leaves… 2007, 2008 and 2009 together, 2010, 2011 and 2012 together, so, 6 parts altogether. I wonder how long this will take.

Here’s the first Covered in Vinyl after Katrina: Band on the Run…

…and Eric playing with Susan at an unplugged show.

Theresa Andersson when she was still doing the band thing and not the one-woman-band thing (with Cassandra on bass, who is now the …um, I lost count… ‘th bass player for Buckaroo Piehole The Right Side Cowboy Mouth).

Now THIS was epic. A moment that will live in Carrollton Station infamy history. The one and only Chris Wyble, former Carrollton Station “chef” and awesome bacon ranch fries maker, and his brother playing at open mic night. Yep. Dude’s playing a box. And it was awesome. And sounded better than some of the kick drums that have come through there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The next 3 pictures are from Nathalie’s Motorway reunion birthday show in 2006, with special guest Kevin George from the Bag of Donuts singing, if I remember right, “You Suck.”

The next 6 pictures are from Halloween / Voodoo Fest weekend 2006. They include such classics as El Dasho Rip Rocko, Frylock mixing, a rare appearance at the Station by the NC crew (krewe), and Sandy chilling on the pew.

And now, it’s time to end Part 2 the same way I ended Part 1 – with New Year’s Freeve 2006.

2007 will take a while. It’s A LOT of pictures. See ya then!

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Carrollton Station – Part 1

8 August 2012

So as some of you have heard, and many of you have not, Carrollton Station, the place I have called my “soundguy” home for the past 6+ years, and the place I’ve been watching and / or recording for 5 or 6 years before that, may be no more after this year. Eric, the owner (ok, leaser) for the past 10 years, has decided not to renew. Is someone else going to buy it out and keep it as Carrollton Station? Will it continue as something else? Will it shut its doors as a bar and music venue forever? That’s yet to be seen. So, I’ve been inspired to post a pictorial memory on this blog. After going through tons of pictures, I managed to narrow it down to a mere…oh, 90 or so. I was unsure how I was gonna post them. No way was I gonna do 90ish at once. But I couldn’t decide how many at a time. Then I started to upload, and I realized that I’m going to let the pictures, and when they were taken, decide how many I do at a time. And, of course, they will all be chronological.

Now, while I started to go there around 2000-2001, most of my pictures from then were in printed form. And while I still have those pictures, I’m not gonna go through the trouble of scanning them, when I already have so many from 2004 on. So, that said, I give you some of my Carrollton Station memories.

Mark Hebert was the drummer and one of the singers from Tom’s House, a local band that was always on the verge of making it big. He had to quit for a while because he developed “Steve Perry nodules,” but they were repaired and he did some solo work before joining another local (all cover) band that he still plays with, the Chee Weez. Here he’s performing a song that he wrote with Paul Sanchez.

John Thomas Griffith, of Cowboy Mouth, and Paul Sanchez, formerly of Cowboy Mouth, had a side project called The Lonesome Travelers. Actor MC Gainey is a friend, who always attends Jazz Fest unless he’s filming something. Here he is singing with Paul and Griff.

Same show, Jazz Fest 2004, Paul and Griff with another former Cowboy Mouth member, Rob Savoy.

Jazz Fest 2005 – The last Jazz Fest before “the thing.” The last Jazz Fest before things we took for granted started to mean more than we’d ever know. The Lonesome Travelers opening for Susan Cowsill. Hey, Rob/Paul, if either of you are reading this… we should really get Gideon Pickett on an album somewhere…ahem.

Then, 4 months later, it happened. Then, about 2 months after that, Carrollton Station, thankfully spared (despite a couple of minor leaks and some spoiled food), opened for music again. Temporary music system yes, but damn it felt good to be open. As terrible as Katrina was…there was NOTHING like the feeling of being back to things that were as they were before the storm…mostly, anyway. I have never been, and probably never will be, so happy to have the only 2 choices on any menu in the city be “burgers” and “chicken tenders.”

Some of you may recognize one of the guys in the following pictures as Pete, the best man in my wedding. The only thing that makes these otherwise joyful memories not so joyful, is that Pete’s former band member, Colin, in some of these pictures, was taken from us last year. But oh what a joyful night this was.

Next up, the first Covered In Vinyl after Katrina. For those of you who don’t know, Covered In Vinyl was a monthly series that the Susan Cowsill Band performed at the Station where they would take a classic album and cover it from start to finish. In Susan’s song Crescent City Snow (which I’m currently listening to a version I’ve titled the “undefeated version,” performed at the U2 CiV in November 2006, drew breeeeeees!”, talk about emotional), there is a line that says, “…singing Joni at the Carrollton Station.” This is because September 3, 2005, the first Saturday, which is usually when CIV took place, was supposed to be Joni Mitchell’s “Court and Spark.” Needless to say, that didn’t happen. Eventually they did sing Joni at the Carrollton Station (in 2006). This CIV, however, was appropriately chosen: Band on the Run.

And yes, that’s Russ on guitar. You can’t see it, but Susan’s on drums. They both have the reNew Orleans shirt on. ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t have much to say about this one…I’ll say more about this band in a little bit. I just wanted to include it because it’s from an angle you (and even I) don’t get to see that often. Beatinpath (they’re included on our wedding cd, btw).

I just like this picture. Susan and Russ. Thanksgiving 2005

Me and Fred Leblanc of Cowboy Mouth, Christmas 2005.

Remember how I said that I was gonna say more about beatinpath in a minute? Well here we go.

On New Year’s Eve 2005, beatinpath and Carrollton Station had what we called New Year’s Freeve. Freeve, because it was Free. And my God man. Seeing all those people together again, some we hadn’t seen since before the thing, was freakin cathartic. I had to look up cathartic to see if it meant what I thought it meant. It was so cathartic that I knew it was cathartic without even knowing what it meant. That’s how freakin cathartic it was.

Well, I think that’s enough for installment one. Stay tuned for the rest. There’s a long way to go.

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PSA – Spam, Spoofing, Phishing, etc.

29 June 2012

Just a reminder: Please be careful with your email. I have been getting more crap email lately pretending to be legitimate websites saying “You need to login now or your account will be deactivated!” They’ve gotten better at their english, so it’s not as much as a dead giveaway as it used to be. Don’t click on the links in these emails. Hover over the link and, in most email programs or browsers, you’ll see where the link leads, usually at the bottom of the screen. For example, if you get an email from Chase telling you to click here to go to the site and enter your user name and password to log in, and you hover over the link and it takes you to, don’t go there! Like the monkey near downed power lines! Even if the link has the name of that company in the domain, still, don’t trust it if it’s not For example, the one I got from “Best Buy” today leads you to Some emails are sneaky enough now where, when you hover over the link, a little “tool tip” type window pops up that says the real name of the site. Don’t pay attention to that. Look at the real link (if displayed as mentioned above). If you wonder if it might be real, just go to the site itself, not anything you click in the email.

I’m just getting sick of all this crap going around.

And now, to make this post more light and fluffy, check out this awesome one that I got the other day.

From Cox.Communication:

we wish to inform you that we are shutting down all unused addresses in our
site you will have to update your account so that we will know that it’s
a present active account to complete your account, you must reply to this
email Immediately and enter your account informations below”

1.) Email:
2.) Password:
3.) Date of birth:

Account owner that refuses to maintain his or her account will
loose account. permanently from our site.Warning !!!
Email user that refuses to maintain his/her account we have the account
deactivated permanently.

And this one. Anyone want a job? I don’t even have a resume on “Carrier” builder. ๐Ÿ˜›

Subject: CareerBuilder – Job offer ID #268150794937


This letter was addressed to you upon studying your personal information on Carrier builder.

Our enterprise was grounded in 1983 when its cofounders caught the eventuality of guaranteeing drastically diverse advice and hands-on backing to companies coming across problems in operational and financial field รขโ‚ฌโ€œ events involving action, real results and objectivity.

Orienting in either world tax planning or local laws navigation, our tax experts are able to cope with main undertakings.

Expectants with the following requirements can address to our firm:
– Organizational experience that gives a chance of coping with different things in a fast-growing medium without making errors
– Skills in structuring and immediate information access. Microsoft office skills
– Aptitude to function within tight schedule

Your duties:
– Managing and checking discharges from the consumers on our behalf
– Getting weekly and monthly reports ready
– Being under senior management guide

Payment: Base payment of 2,100 in parallel with 5 percent fee for every closed deal.
Organization will also take all banking and other work related charges.
Vacant place at the present moment is: Financial assistant
Please send us your personal information, skills and experience via email .

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21 June 2012

What have I been doing this month? Thanks for asking!

First off though, here’s what I wanted to post last month, on our two-year rehearsal anniversary, but it was in FL and I wasn’t:

Our wedding song, unbeknownst to Paul, performed at our wedding rehearsal. Neato. And no, I don’t know what’s up with that green line. Reminds me of an old school turn-the-dial-to-change-the-channel tv we used to have. It’s not on the dvd, it’s not on the ripped video from the dvd…so um? Yeah.

And, I was debating on whether or not I was gonna post this, since it’s for us, but then again, so is this site. Plus she put it up on the wall at work, so I figure I can put it up on the wall on the web.

Anniversary Card

After Covered in Vinyl on June 9, I left for Florida. Literally. I was gonna go home and nap for a few hours and get an early start, but I wasn’t tired at all, so I went home around 2am, packed, etc, and left at 3. Took an hour and a half nap around 4:30 at a rest stop, and then headed the rest of the way there.

Tuesday was the reason I picked to visit this week instead of my actual birthday. Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, was performing at Hard Rock Live, and I had to be there. I would follow that band, 2006-style, if I were still in my band-following days. Here are a couple of videos from the show, not taken by me. Don’t watch if you don’t like rock/rap or the occasional dirty word. :-รž

Thursday we went for a walk, and ran into this interesting creature:

Later we went to the Swamphead Brewery and had a few beers. Someone wrote this on the bathroom chalk wall (wasn’t me) and drew my typical thing that I draw when I draw things random places (was me).

Friday the cats snuggled on our giant bean bag chair while Rose made a chocolate dinosaur cake for my and our neighbor’s combined birthday get-together. She and her son came over, as did one of Rose’s co-workers, for pizza and cake.

Saturday we went zip lining. AWESOME. I’d definitely do that again. We had the 1pm slot, but got there right before noon, and were allowed to go with that group. Which was good cuz we didn’t have to waste an hour and because they were fun. They too were there for a birthday, except, unlike mine, it was actually the birthday. There were 9 lines total, not counting the practice line. They increased in length and speed from one to the next. The last one ended with a repel down to the ground. One of the two guides called us Mr. and Mrs. Smith since we did so well. ๐Ÿ˜€

I left Monday morning and went straight to work. Booo. Tuesday my computer died. Boooooooo. I was hoping it was related to the NVIDIA recall that has never caused me problems, so it would be fixed for free. Brought it to the Apple Store, and found out that it’s more than 4 years old and they only pay for it if caused by the recall if less than 4. But, that’s probably not the problem anyway. So right now it’s in the computer hospital and hopefully it will be out of its coma by next week. Wonderful.

Anyway, I will see Rose again in the middle of July when I visit her in Athens, GA for “Brain Camp.” In the meantime I have a few gigs here in addition to my regular job. And, Saturday night, I’m 99% sure I’ll be going to see The Dan Band. ๐Ÿ˜€

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May 29, 2010

29 May 2012

Tied for first place of what I consider the best day of my life (the other being February 7, 2010 WHO DAT), can anyone else not believe that this was 2 years ago already?! Happy Anniversary, awesomeface.

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