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Katrina +10

Sure, I’ll participate. Why not? I’m just gonna post a bunch of pictures. None of them too gory, or depressing. I’m not gonna tell our story here. Cuz I have other stuff to do right now. Maybe for the 20th anniversary. If I still remember it. 😉 So here are some pictures from when we came home. As always, click for a larger image if you want.

It’s weird to see only military traffic on Camp Street. But that’s all there was when I arrived, roughly a week after.


But once people came back, maybe they were driving too fast.


I hope you don’t want to go down Airline.


Does anyone wanna buy a 1996 Saturn? The next generation has arrived! I wonder how many of generations of billboards blew off before this one was revealed.


Our house*…in the middle of our street…
*(not OUR house… or our street)


This is our house. After we started gutting it.


Figured this was a pretty eerie headline to see under the grossness caused by its predicted namesake.


Probably one of my favorite gross pictures. The one I show everyone. The mantle that floated off the fireplace and landed with everything still in place on it. Sure, a recliner was found in a room where it didn’t start off, and the tv and entertainment center were toppled over, but these candles and angels took a ride floating (I assume) on 7 feet of water and didn’t budge an inch.


After all that, I needed a beer in a 1984 World’s Fair Stein. Now, the only problem…where to get beer in New Orleans East 2 weeks after Katrina?! Sigh…


Instead I walked down the street and saw this little guy. I lured him to to our truck with some food we had for us, scooped him up, and brought him to the shelter in Luling. I hear he got all cleaned up and adopted by a nice family. It just amazes me how he survived. I’d love to hear his story.


And while we’re telling heartwarming pet stories…

E.L. and Woody

It was soon Halloween, and what was one of the scariest things on the NOLA landscape at the time? Taped up fridges and freezers. More about that: Katrina Refrigerator Messages


Well that brings me to the end of my Katrina+10 contribution. There’s enough out there if you’re really into that kind of thing. Now I’m going to make a hidden litter box out of a toy chest.

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