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June – December

24 December 2013

Wow. I’m just a slacker, eh? I thought 3-4 months was a long time. Where did this year go?!

Since it’s such a long time, and I don’t really have much to say, I’ll just hit some highlights. But then again, isn’t that what I usually do? Heh.

If for some reason you want a bigger version of a picture, just click on it!

We went to the Saints – Tampa game in September. It was bright and sunny when we got there, then was delayed for like an hour. You all saw the comeback for this game. We didn’t. Except on highlights when we got home. Yup, we left before the major comeback. Something I never do (until the Seattle game…), leave before the end. Well, it was right after we stepped (literally) one foot out of the stadium that the comeback started. So, you’re welcome.



In October we did the second annual Tower of Terror 10-Miler. We also did the first annual. So from now on, we’re doing this race every year. Next year, if this giant Mickey pumpkin is still set up, I’m doing way more exciting poses. I can’t wait!



Then for Halloween we went to Schubert’s Halloween party. As Schubert and Clemmons. Below is a picture of not us, but the people we were supposed to be. I wish we had pictures of us as them! 😉


We were in New Orleans for actual Halloween. We played mini golf at City Putt. Here’s me and Mr. Bingle.


There was a house on St. Charles with a whole bunch of punny skeletons. It was awesome. One of these days, I will be the Clark Griswold of Halloween. And of Christmas too. And Mardi Gras. Well, ok, of all major holidays.



Then there was that time Anthony Jeselnik performed at open mic at Carrollton Station, and said that it sounded better than most of the places he’d been on tour recently. Of course it did. Jonah Hill was in there the night before. Not performing. Just drinking.


Then I did a gig for Steve Gleason’s charity at Lucy’s, right before we beat the Falcons for the second time this season. That was a month ago. In typical fashion, I’m still waiting for the check. I’ll be paying them a visit Thursday. And reconsidering ever doing anything for Lucy’s ever again. But yay Gleason and Bag of Donuts and this guy who got a new van!


Then December came, and I brought Daisy to see mom at work while the cats snuggled on the patio.



Then Pete came to town from 8 degree Michigan to 80 degree Florida. We went to Paines Prairie, where I found out that, apparently, calling a white person a cracker is way more common, and far less insulting, than I had come to believe. (Prior to this, my only exposure to cracker, in that sense, was Chris Rock’s “Cracker Ass Cracker” bit (it’s on youtube).) So THAT’S what it means….

After walking all that way, Rose was pretty tired, so she just laid down on the ground before taking a picture with Pete.





This list is for people to write down the wildlife they saw that day. See if you can guess which ones we wrote.


Saturday, thanks to Nate and Nanci, we went do Disney World. Yaaaaaayyyyyyy! If you haven’t been recently, there are no more turnstyles, and to get in with Disney employees, you have a card with both a magnetic strip and a RF chip that you scan, and the light spins, and turns green, and you go right in. Well, Nate had left the cards in his car, and one of them bent a little. It was fine for someone else to use, but it didn’t work for me. So they had to have the roaming person with the ipad come over and run the magnetic strip whenever we entered a park. So the strip worked but the chip was probably broken. Nothing that had to be taken care of that day. Why do I tell you all this? Well, when I went to one of the parks, and told them it wouldn’t scan, the guy who came over with the ipad was from Lafayette (according to his name tag). So after he scanned it I said, “Oh btw we’re from New Orleans…” and he responded with “Who dat!!!! We’re gonna beat Carolina tomorrow night!!” and we did. 🙂







We took Pete to the sinkhole on Sunday.


Here’s our Christmas decorations! Including our awesome Star Trek and Lion King light-up ornaments.







And of course, my kickass nativity set everyone loves. 🙂


This is in our front yard. Ah, just kidding, I wish. It’s at Lafreniere Park in Metairie. Guess what day it is!


Finally, we took our fall cabining trip in December instead of Halloween this year (again, ahem, long story). Unfortunately Rose couldn’t make this one. We watched Charlie Brown Christmas in the Nature Center, then a bunch of goofy pictures outside. This was the “prom” pose.



Ok. Well it’s just about time to go to Christmas Eve Mass, so I’ll wrap this up with our annual Christmas card. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Everyone!


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