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10 November 2011

Holy crap it’s been more than a month since I’ve put something on here!

I left for Gainesville on Tuesday, October 26. Did some work around the house and other random errands until Friday night. Rose got off of work, we had dinner and gave our dog and cat sitters the low-down, and eventually drove to Orlando to stay at our friends (Nate and Nanci) house to sleep over so we wouldn’t have to get up extra early on Saturday to drive 2 hours to make our flight. Btw, Nate and Nanci, I realized, after almost a week in Grenada, that I had left the half-eaten steak that I brought Friday with the intentions of eating Saturday in your fridge. So in case you were wondering…yeah, that’s where that came from. Anywho, they were nice enough to leave us a key, because they were going to be on…er, in Jupiter to see Eric Lindell. Strangely enough, when we pulled into their neighborhood, my ipod was on shuffle, and … get this … an Eric Lindell song came on. No joke. So we went to bed, and woke up bright and early to stop at the grocery to get food and snacks to eat while we traveled instead of buying expensive airport food, and then parked our car and caught the shuttle to the airport.

Now, time for some pictures. As always, click on them to make them bigger.

Before we left for Grenada, Daisy got to visit Rose at work and get some “regular maintenance” type stuff done. Amy made her a Gators bandana.

Now, to Grenada.

These guys were all over the island. Awesome huge lizards. I wanted to take one home. But they’re so fast!

This is Rose at The Aquarium restaurant, where we went Sunday night. I had jerk chicken. And lots of water. Delicious!

The crabs were cute! And also fast. I wanted to race them against the lizards, but neither seemed to want to cooperate with me. Now I know why Rose liked all that crab-art.

Rose, Fran and Jim on our walk on Grand Anse on Monday. It was sunny, then rainy for a few minutes, then sunny again, then rainy for a while. Most times we had a place to hide out from the rain, but for the last big storm we just got wet. Then we went to Spiceland Mall and dried off and had lunch.

As it was Halloween, the graves were all prepared for All Saints / All Souls. If you look closely at that second one, it must be mine. The top of the cross says J P.

This cute dog adopted us on our walk on Grand Anse. Of course I wanted to bring her home. She stayed with us for a while, wherever we went! She even stayed with us when we stopped to duck and cover from the rain. She had found her own spot under a table right before we found our spot, and then she came over to be with us. Cute.

Any guess what this is? It’s a gallon can of something. I’ll give you a hint. It’s not paint. And, the brand is Dutch Girl. Still not paint. It’s milk! Weird.

Here’s us on the beach at sunset. Twice. Same night.

Look at all those crabs! And p.h. fred is nowhere to be found. Old joke that most of you won’t get. That was for me.

I took this while on the set of Goonies. That’s sloth and the gang sailing away.

Back at the villa, drinking beers and playing scrabble with the parents.

There’s a few vet students living where we were staying. This is a little puppy one of them is fostering.

Our “scrabble area” in daylight.

Our balcony.

Our pool.

We went on a big fat walk Wednesday morning, and later spent a lot of time on the beach.

Rose found some shells on our big mega walk.

We’re on an island, and there’s another small island across the way. So Lost-esque.

This is where we ate Wednesday night. It’s on the beach right down from where we stayed. Again, Delicious. I had pasta with chicken. Rose had fish. She was excited about all the fresh fish, because none of it caused her to have an allergic reaction. 🙂

We went into town on Thursday because there was a cruise ship in that day and we wanted to be a part of the insanity. We came across this dog, who reminded me of one (or two, not sure if it was 2 dogs or the same dog visiting twice) who stopped at our N.O. East house before Katrina.

Roman Catholic Cathedral

This is the Roman Catholic Cathedral, which was practically wiped out by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. All except the back (brick) wall. Ivan is the hurricane that caused me to postpone my ACL surgery, and the reason I still had so much in boxes when Katrina came along. Take that, procrastination nay-sayers!


This is, I assume, and don’t pardon the pun, a head-stone that we saw in one of the cemeteries in town. Bizarre. It’s more like something I’d expect to see in a parade or something.

st. george's - outside

The outside of the Anglican church, also destroyed by Ivan, but not yet rebuilt. And, I like the fact that the sign looks like it was photoshopped on there. It wasn’t. That’s just a trick of light, and dirt being in just the right spots on the sign.

st. george's - inside

The inside of the Anglican church.

I don’t know what this building is, but I liked it. If Grenada had its own Haunted Mansion ride, I imagine it would look something like this.

From the market.

coyaba resort new dimension

Friday we spent time on the beach, then went to Prickly Bay for their TPIF (we assume that meant, “thank prickly it’s friday”) pizza night. I guess it could also stand for “thank pizza it’s friday.” This band played. I’m always amazed at how many different sounds drums can make.

group shot before leaving

Saturday we spent even more time on the beach, playing scrabble, etc. Saturday night we ate early so that we could all watch Defense Bowl 2011, or as you may know it, the LSU-Alabama game. Not a bad way to end the vacation. Sunday we were up bright and early to catch our 9am flight from Grenada to Puerto Rico, Miami, and finally Orlando. Got to listen to the end of the Saints game thanks to Verizon and NFL Mobile, which I almost turned off so as to not curse the team, since they were up by a jillion points when i first started listening, and then only 8…

We drove back from Orlando to Gainesville while listening to some NPR/Nerdist/Donald Glover podcasts, then ate our leftover airport food, watched a couple episodes of Dexter, and went to bed.

Thanks to that two week vacation, my fuse for dealing with people has thankfully gotten at least a little bit longer… 🙂

Now, less than 2 weeks before I go back to G-ville! yay!

To see more pictures, head on over to photobucket.

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