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Condo Renovations

Yup. Another long time between posts. How have I gone almost 5 months??? Well anyway, here’s some stuff that happened, part one of two. We redid our bathrooms and kitchen! They were in DESPERATE need, as you can see in the photos below. Hole in the ceiling in one of the bathrooms due to leaks from the upstairs neighbor that needed to be fixed, and a lifetime of secret water leaks making all kinds of unknown messes. That, plus the fact that it probably wasn’t updated since the 80s.

Here are some before shots of the guest bathroom.


I thought I smelled something funky. Who knows how long that was like that.



And now the after shots!



That cabinet around the toilet is now back where it belongs, in the master bathroom. It was just there while the master was being redone.

Rose put up these shelves:


Now the master before:



And after:



And finally, the kitchen before:




And after:




It took a couple of months, but it makes such a tremendous difference.

And, since I’m not one to throw things away that I see a possible use for…I took the 2 mirrors from the bathrooms, added some glass tile and grout, and put them on the wall in our bedroom to reflect the light that comes in through the sliding glass door, and to make the room feel bigger.


Finally, we got tired of walking out the back door through the (lack of) grass / mud. So I bought some stones and put them across the back “yard.” I had asked the condo association at one time about doing this, and never heard back, so just went ahead and did it. 3 weeks later I was asked if the maintenance guy ever talked to me about the stones. Nope. Well the president of the association didn’t want them there, cuz they were a “trip hazard.” So I wrote them a nice letter presenting options, and eventually we were told we can keep them if we put them in the ground. So I did and now everything’s a-ok.


That was A LOT of dirt dug up. We put some of it in the compost box or whatever you call that thing (now we just need to get some more worms), and the rest in an extra trash can. We’re eventually gonna get some flower pots and use that for the soil. In the meantime, if anyone needs some dirt……

Next up: a summary of what we’ve been doing the past 4 or 5 months, other than renovations!

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