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Christmas 2013 – Mardi Gras 2014

Been a slacker again, so here’s the what-seems-to-have-become quarterly (or in this particular case, tertilely, if that’s even a word) update. Got a lot to cover here, and lots of other stuff to do, so I’ll be kinda cliffs-notes-y.

Christmas was 4 months ago. We got a lot of Saints stuff.

 photo DSC07441_zpsef13d2aa.jpg

 photo DSC07442_zpsdf29da25.jpg

 photo DSC07450_zpsf1c8e63b.jpg

New Year’s Eve was about 112 days ago. On our way to downtown Gainesville, we saw this dog, leash attached, running across what would be a busy street if it weren’t 9:00 at night. We decided to turn around and try to follow it and see if it would come up to us. Well we found him and got out of the car and he came right up to us. We tried to call one number on his tag, but got a voicemail. We took him home, and were gonna leave him there, but then we noticed another number and deciphered it (it was pretty worn out) and called it. The person answered and yes he does have a dog named Jackson. Didn’t realized he got out. We brought him there and dropped him off, all while the cat on the porch looked at us like, “UGH I thought I finally got rid of that dog!”

 photo 1231132151a_zps27b291af.jpg

Then we continued to our original destination and had a happy new year’s eve. Happy New Year, everyone!

 photo 1231132355_zps7a90fcb6.jpg

One of the places Rose interviewed was in Miami. It was nice, and we really liked the people at the practices. Here’s a shot from the top of our hotel, and a couple of pictures from not far away.

 photo DSC07461_zps65131f42.jpg

 photo DSC07469_zps89647d88.jpg

 photo DSC07485_zps837e4aea.jpg

Then we went to Dexter Fountain…it’s actually listed on google maps that way. It was used in Dexter tv show. And rubber duckies floating all around the fountain don’t scare all the seagulls that hang out there.

 photo DSC07501_zps56ed6cd4.jpg

 photo DSC07503_zps47d6da48.jpg

 photo 0104141502_zpsefac0eb5.jpg

Leaving Dexter fountain, I got my arm stuck in this giant butt.

 photo DSC07518_zps7c28ebdd.jpg

But then Rose rescued me and we took our picture by some boats.

 photo 0104140756a_zps78525338.jpg

A couple of weeks later I was in Orlando for Nanci’s birthday celebration featuring Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show. And to watch some football game that I won’t mention.

 photo 0111142143_zpsd43b89a5.jpg

 photo 0111142248_zps93bc609a.jpg

After that we went to San Francisco for some more interviews with more wonderful people, and to LA just to visit our people there.

 photo 0114141248_zps120c3425.jpg

In LA we stayed in this swanky neighborhood.

 photo 0118140915_zpsc58bb2b0.jpg

We went to see the Groundlings, and left at intermission because our friend Mike was performing at a place less than a mile away, and we met up with Ken to see Mike play and hang out after.

 photo 0116142127_zps799eace0.jpg

One day we went to the beach and walked to the Santa Monica pier.

 photo 0118141451_zps09e88d84.jpg

We also went to LACMA and Rose almost got cooked in spaghetti by a giant Italian.

 photo DSC07563_zps3e54483c.jpg

And there was no shortage of tall lights.

 photo 2514856_zps185944f2.jpg

We swung by Meltdown Comics too. Unfortunately no podcasts were being recorded, and we just missed the Weird Al @Midnight by a few days.

 photo 0118141627b_zpsf4428956.jpg photo 0118141627a_zps24c1e025.jpg

Greystone Mansion was pretty cool. And right down the fancy street from where we were staying.

 photo DSC07581_zps021ced68.jpg

Rose met a friend at the LaBrea Tar Pits.

 photo DSC07546_zps5f674487.jpg

I met two friends there.

 photo 2514837_zps4242753d.jpg

 photo 2514839_zps04425ff3.jpg

We also met up with this guy, Geoff LaTulippe, who wrote the movie Going the Distance. You should see that if you haven’t already. He also brought us a signed movie poster. Not bad for just randomly following someone on twitter….

 photo 0119141856_zps6e96bcba.jpg

While we were out, the HOA in Gville put a new roof on the houses in our neighborhood. Sweet! Except all the hammering knocked down the tube that goes from the sunroof roof part to the sunroof ceiling part in our bathroom. Not their fault, really, it wasn’t really in there right. Looked like it had come down before and someone just duct taped it in there. So I put some screws in it where it connects and settled that problem.

 photo 0123141005_zpsd65c77e3.jpg

I got home from Florida and hell had frozen over. Good job, January.

 photo 0124141613_zps00fced9a.jpg

 photo 0128141537a_zps7ad36e5b.jpg

We had 2 “freeze” days, so I used the time to put vinyl tile in the condo. Sure is a lot better than old carpet and cement.

 photo DSC07599_zpsd73ae746.jpg

 photo DSC07604_zps7c518b45.jpg

 photo DSC07622_zps393f197d.jpg

I worked the 610 Stompers Debutante Ball too. That was fun. Like being at my 8th grade graduation party. Unfortunately I didn’t win this guy.

 photo 0208140146_zps160bbca1.jpg

The week after that was a Brown reunion show. The first time since, like, 1998 that all these people were on the stage at the same time. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome, and perhaps bittersweet, this night was.

 photo 0209140215b_2_zps44f532f8.jpg

 photo CAM00185_zpsd494c77b.jpg

Then it was (finally) time for mardi gras, and Rose celebrated by getting a new car.

 photo IMG957348_zpsf5088e94.jpg

 photo 0224141943_zps82a9dba8.jpg

It was cold Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday…

 photo 0226142030_zps74e7a412.jpg

But warmed up nicely and Saturday and Sunday were perfect. But of course Rose was sick and missed it.

 photo 0301141719_zpsb6e6ed46.jpg

I consoled myself by buying beer. If anyone can tell me where the beer aisle is at Rouse’s, I’ll have one with you.

 photo 0302141141_zps156b8f6f.jpg

Rose was better enough to go out on mardi gras day. But of course, even tho it was one of the latest dates mardi gras can be, it was like 48 degrees and rainy. But we’re all troopers.

We parked at St. Patrick’s and waited for a cab there to take us to Pal’s. A handful passed by but didn’t want to pick us up. We called for one, and they said they’d be right there…they were at the Clearview exit (all the way out in Metairie). We waited. While we waited, a lady, probably nearish our age, walked by and got into her car, which was parked in front of St. Patrick’s. She then drove up to where we were, and asked where we were trying to go. I told her Pal’s, and she said, oh ok my brother lives near there I’ll take you. Luckily she had a big SUV, and seemed nice enough to not kill us. So we got in and she took us there. We learned that her brother is the good samaritan who was killed a year or two ago while trying to save someone who was being car jacked in Algiers. When we got to our destination, I tried to give her money, but she wouldn’t take it. So I just put it on the seat and closed the door when we said goodbye. So we’re standing there, talking to some of bikeus, and she pulls up a little and talks to another bikeus person (hi barbie!), and then leaves. Barbie comes up to us and hands us the money and says, “that lady said to give you this?” HA. Sneaky.

In case you can’t tell, I’m Rose and Rose is me.

 photo DSC07634_zps1e5472ef.jpg

 photo DSC07625_zps546062c4.jpg

 photo 0301142215_zpsca4b2ac6.jpg

Sadly it was all soon over, and we went back to Gville.

 photo 0309141454_zpsc9327f56.jpg

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