It’s been too long!

19 May 2016

Wow. Almost a year, really?

I’ll post a real update of all the stuff you’ve been seeing on bookface, but for now, to make it less stale and (ahem) moldy around here, here is some awesome street art we saw when we were in Hawaii last year!








Road Trip!

16 January 2015

Was our road trip really 5 months ago?? Did I really start this post 2 months ago?? Where does the time go???!? Most if not all of this has been on the bookface. But as usual, I like to gather it all together and put it here. So, come, join us, on our digital road trip!

First stop: Traverse City! We enjoyed a weekend plus a few days at the Krupka household. Here’s Daisy hating the water again just like she did when she first visited there after we got married. Lady doesn’t seem to mind though.


We spent some quality relaxing time out on the porch…


…and then went inside when Carol, Frank, and Violet got there. The dogs really liked Violet, and she liked the puppy cats. Daisy ended up really liking her, because she figured out that Violet’s food didn’t always end up in Violet’s mouth…sometimes it ended up on the floor. Woo hoo!


Pete and Mary played some cornhole (action shot!)


And we went to the Dunes. Everyone else went further down (up?) the dunes, but Rose and I only went to the top as the end of our 5k.


Daisy didn’t go on the dunes, but she was still pretty tired and needed to relax.


Rose and Jim, and Daisy and Lady, went off in the kayak. I think this was after Rose threw a bag of poop in a tree…..I almost joined them, but when I sat in the kayak and got water in my pants, I decided to pass. I felt like I was sitting under water. I was fine in the canoe a few years ago so figured it would be the same. Nope. Cold water up my butt. So yeah, Jim took my place and I went back to the house.


Then we took a tour of the winery, where apparently someone like me works. Crazy sign alterers.



Here are some shots from above! People chilling on the patio, and Rose and Fran working on a quilt.



Whose bed is this? Is it for Jeff and Rose? No. I think it’s for Daisy and Lady.


I guess that’s ok, cuz they’re not allowed to ride bicycles or scooters in this building.


Now we’ve moved on to Chicago. After checking in to our Air-BNB, we went to dinner with the dogs at Bad Dog Tavern and Grill. Hooray for places that allow dogs!


The next day we went for a big walk so we could go to Hot Doug’s for lunch. Hot Doug’s closed forever in October. We had never been, but heard they were awesome and closing, so we decided to wait in the 2 hour line for a-mah-zing (sorry, just started watching Happy Endings) hot dogs. It was worth it.



Later that night we met up with some friends who live in the area at Northdown Cafe and Tavern, followed by a walk right down the street to see David Ryan Harris play at Schubas. As a side note, I’m thankful for the Untappd app for allowing me to “remember” where we went.



Next it was off to Sparta, WI, where they make these fiberglass statues. Not only do they make them, but it’s also the location of a fiberglass statue “graveyard.” New Orleanians will recognize the Frostop, and apparently Rose works on all kinds of animals, even fiberglass ones.

9.4.14 527



Even the dogs were excited about our next stop. But not as excited as Jeff, who got to visit what is *probably* his favorite brewery: Leinenkugel! There is literally not one beer that they make that he doesn’t like. And it also turned out to be their annual “garage sale.” We got a t-shirt and an awesome tap for really cheap. It’s a good thing Rose’s car is so small, or there may have been more purchases.




Then we made our way to Darwin, MN…home of the biggest ball of twine (made by one man), as made famous by Weird Al! And, as it turned out, that weekend was TwineBall Fest! Holy awesomesauce. So we ran the Twine-K, and then went to Twine Fest. They had a parade too, but we had to leave before it started to that we could make it to Mystic Lake Casino to see the Dan Band!





Now, if you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing The Dan Band, or worse yet, don’t know who they are, please, please, look them up. They’re hilarious. And they were performing at a beer festival! Oh man what a day.



We took it easy the next day, and then continued on our journey. Next up was the Spam Museum in Austin, MN. And I’m glad we went! It closed on September 28…but only temporarily, as it’s moving to downtown Austin, but it won’t be open until 2016. Spam Museum.




After spam, we decided to be more healthy, and visited Blue Earth, MN, home of a really tall Jolly Green Giant, who apparently participates in Relay for Life.




There’s a super-tiny chapel called the Blue Mound Wayside Chapel not to far from the Giant. It’s almost smaller than Rose’s car, if you can believe that.


9.4.14 655

We finally made it to South Dakota, and started off in Sioux Falls, at Falls Park, followed by the Corn Palace, which was under renovation, but still open.





Of course we had to go to the Badlands and Wall Drug. They need more signs for Wall Drug . Daisy was pretty excited about this creature we saw on the side of the road, almost right next to the car.




How do you top that? By going to the Dinosaur Park, of course!





Our last stop before joining up with Rose’s family was a camping trip. We slept in a teepee, which actually kept us pretty warm and dry in the rain. We roasted spammallows over the fire, and met a cute bunny I named Chipz, cuz he likes chips.




The next day we started heading toward Rapid City. We were gonna take one scenic route, but that route had been turned into a pay road. So we took another route, and it worked out great that we did. We ended up in a State Farm commercial! These guys were right next to our car.


We ran into Jimmy Carter when we went downtown, and I gave him a high five.


We found another dog-friendly place, Thirsty’s, and had lunch there (again, thanks Untappd!).


Finally we met up with Bernie and Mary and went to Black Hills Miner Brewing Company for some beer.



Daisy and Lady really enjoyed the back yard!


At the rehearsal dinner for Andrew’s wedding


And at the wedding itself. We had to literally drive through fields to get there.




Again, Daisy and Lady really enjoyed the back yard. We had never seen them play like this before!

Sadly it was time to start heading home. Daisy was tired after all that running around (and probably bored now that we were back in the car again).


We had to make a couple of statue stops. The first one, one of the Marlboro Men, which are spread throughout the country. Metairie had one, until that hurricane a few years ago that knocked out the power and brought crazy winds. Was that Isaac? The second was at a car wash, and was made by the place in Sparta that we visited!



Our second-to-last stop was at Boys’ Town in Nebraska. The cousin of the Twine Ball, the largest Ball of Stamps, lives there.


Our final stop was Rogers, AR, to visit Jack and Cathy. They ended up inviting everyone over for dinner! Hm. Of course there’s no pictures of that. Just dogs….




We thoroughly enjoyed our time there, and everywhere we stopped on this super-mega-awesome trip. It was great to see everyone, and to see so many new places. Thanks to everyone who housed us, fed us, and hung out with us! Don’t forget to come visit us some time!


Everyone passed out when Rose finally got back to Florida.


Mardi Gras –> IOP 2014

5 August 2014

Wow. It’s been a while. Again. So here we go.

As usual, most of this is just a compilation of everything that’s gone on bookface or the tweeters. But we like to have it all put together in one place.

Let’s start off with the NO PARKING signs in our neighborhood that needed some sprucing up. Sadly, there was never any mention of it in our monthly neighborhood newsletter.



I worked with Munck Mix at Wanee again.




And then my parents came to visit us for Easter.


And we went to Disneyworld with them, thanks to Nate and Nanci. It was their first time there in FOREVER.



Then it was time for Jazz Fest again, again working with Munck Mix. Flava Flav played drums for a little while during Public Enemy’s set.


Jim McCormick and beatinpath with Susan Cowsill and John Gros.


Rodriguez, of Searching for Sugar Man fame.


Justin Butts follows the command of the sign (“Butts here please”) at the Threadhead Patry.


The return of the Lonesome Travelers – Stage It performance.


Christina Aguilera had a couch that no one else was allowed to sit on.


This wheelchair guy is really in a hurry.


And Nate became the newest member of the Rebirth Brass Band. If I’m not mistaken, it’s actually him featured on the Rebirth beer cans and taps.


Fast forward to June, and it was time for Rose to take her neurology boards in Nashville. I hung out with the Dukes of Hazzard while she took her test.


Then we met some creatures you’d expect to meet only in Nashville.



For my birthday we were going to see Kurt Braunohler as the last stop on his “Jet Ski for Goats” trip (you can read more about that, and until September 12 contribute to it, here). But the day before I planned to leave Nashville for NOLA, I saw that they were gonna be stopping at a place in Tennessee, and it happened to kinda be on the way home, so I stopped and saw the show there too, because it also featured Kyle Kinane, who wasn’t going to be at the New Orleans show.



Then for my birthday we saw Kurt and Kristen Schaal at One Eyed Jacks, and then went to the Plus One Show at the Hi Ho.





A few weeks later it was time again for Isle of Palms. I hadn’t been in like 3 years, and a handful of people were going, then more people were going, so it became a thing. A very fun thing.







This surprised turtle was on the wall behind me in the restaurant we ate at on our last day there. I decided to take a picture with it, with almost as much shock as he had.


Here’s the big ol’ group of us before we all left to go out separate ways like journey.


This house seriously looked like a crab.


Well. That about catches us up through most of June. I’ll post sooner next time, as a summary of the big trip we’re currently on.


9 December 2011

Since it’s almost Christmas (can you believe it?! I’ve bought two gifts so far. TWO.), I’ll post some pictures from our Thanksgiving together.

I surprised Rose by showing up almost a whole day early…at 5am Friday morning instead of 10pm Friday night. 🙂

We got to spend the day together on Saturday (before Thanksgiving) at Disney World, thanks to Nate and Nanci. We started at Epcot, then the Studios, then back to Epcot to meet up with Stacy, who was doing her Thanksgiving trip there with her friend Kelly, then back to the Magic Kingdom, which closed at midnight.

My parents came to town Wednesday night to spend Thanksgiving with us. That was nice. We cooked for them Wednesday night, and we did most of the cooking Thursday morning for Thanksgiving.


Drinking the Jim Beam whiskey in the South Carolina bottle that Katie got us for our wedding…ok, I was drinking it. Then we watched the LSU game.

My parents in front of our Christmas tree.

Us in front of our Christmas tree.

I’m gonna be working the Fred Leblanc show at Carrollton Station on Christmas Eve Eve, then spending Christmas Eve with my parents, and heading to G-ville Christmas day, and staying there til January 6. Then we’ll drive back here for the weekend, probably announce this year’s royalty for the Krewe of Bikeus, and she will fly home on Sunday. Her first trip to NOLA since July!!!

Rest of the pictures here.


10 November 2011

Holy crap it’s been more than a month since I’ve put something on here!

I left for Gainesville on Tuesday, October 26. Did some work around the house and other random errands until Friday night. Rose got off of work, we had dinner and gave our dog and cat sitters the low-down, and eventually drove to Orlando to stay at our friends (Nate and Nanci) house to sleep over so we wouldn’t have to get up extra early on Saturday to drive 2 hours to make our flight. Btw, Nate and Nanci, I realized, after almost a week in Grenada, that I had left the half-eaten steak that I brought Friday with the intentions of eating Saturday in your fridge. So in case you were wondering…yeah, that’s where that came from. Anywho, they were nice enough to leave us a key, because they were going to be on…er, in Jupiter to see Eric Lindell. Strangely enough, when we pulled into their neighborhood, my ipod was on shuffle, and … get this … an Eric Lindell song came on. No joke. So we went to bed, and woke up bright and early to stop at the grocery to get food and snacks to eat while we traveled instead of buying expensive airport food, and then parked our car and caught the shuttle to the airport.

Now, time for some pictures. As always, click on them to make them bigger.

Before we left for Grenada, Daisy got to visit Rose at work and get some “regular maintenance” type stuff done. Amy made her a Gators bandana.

Now, to Grenada.

These guys were all over the island. Awesome huge lizards. I wanted to take one home. But they’re so fast!

This is Rose at The Aquarium restaurant, where we went Sunday night. I had jerk chicken. And lots of water. Delicious!

The crabs were cute! And also fast. I wanted to race them against the lizards, but neither seemed to want to cooperate with me. Now I know why Rose liked all that crab-art.

Rose, Fran and Jim on our walk on Grand Anse on Monday. It was sunny, then rainy for a few minutes, then sunny again, then rainy for a while. Most times we had a place to hide out from the rain, but for the last big storm we just got wet. Then we went to Spiceland Mall and dried off and had lunch.

As it was Halloween, the graves were all prepared for All Saints / All Souls. If you look closely at that second one, it must be mine. The top of the cross says J P.

This cute dog adopted us on our walk on Grand Anse. Of course I wanted to bring her home. She stayed with us for a while, wherever we went! She even stayed with us when we stopped to duck and cover from the rain. She had found her own spot under a table right before we found our spot, and then she came over to be with us. Cute.

Any guess what this is? It’s a gallon can of something. I’ll give you a hint. It’s not paint. And, the brand is Dutch Girl. Still not paint. It’s milk! Weird.

Here’s us on the beach at sunset. Twice. Same night.

Look at all those crabs! And p.h. fred is nowhere to be found. Old joke that most of you won’t get. That was for me.

I took this while on the set of Goonies. That’s sloth and the gang sailing away.

Back at the villa, drinking beers and playing scrabble with the parents.

There’s a few vet students living where we were staying. This is a little puppy one of them is fostering.

Our “scrabble area” in daylight.

Our balcony.

Our pool.

We went on a big fat walk Wednesday morning, and later spent a lot of time on the beach.

Rose found some shells on our big mega walk.

We’re on an island, and there’s another small island across the way. So Lost-esque.

This is where we ate Wednesday night. It’s on the beach right down from where we stayed. Again, Delicious. I had pasta with chicken. Rose had fish. She was excited about all the fresh fish, because none of it caused her to have an allergic reaction. 🙂

We went into town on Thursday because there was a cruise ship in that day and we wanted to be a part of the insanity. We came across this dog, who reminded me of one (or two, not sure if it was 2 dogs or the same dog visiting twice) who stopped at our N.O. East house before Katrina.

Roman Catholic Cathedral

This is the Roman Catholic Cathedral, which was practically wiped out by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. All except the back (brick) wall. Ivan is the hurricane that caused me to postpone my ACL surgery, and the reason I still had so much in boxes when Katrina came along. Take that, procrastination nay-sayers!


This is, I assume, and don’t pardon the pun, a head-stone that we saw in one of the cemeteries in town. Bizarre. It’s more like something I’d expect to see in a parade or something.

st. george's - outside

The outside of the Anglican church, also destroyed by Ivan, but not yet rebuilt. And, I like the fact that the sign looks like it was photoshopped on there. It wasn’t. That’s just a trick of light, and dirt being in just the right spots on the sign.

st. george's - inside

The inside of the Anglican church.

I don’t know what this building is, but I liked it. If Grenada had its own Haunted Mansion ride, I imagine it would look something like this.

From the market.

coyaba resort new dimension

Friday we spent time on the beach, then went to Prickly Bay for their TPIF (we assume that meant, “thank prickly it’s friday”) pizza night. I guess it could also stand for “thank pizza it’s friday.” This band played. I’m always amazed at how many different sounds drums can make.

group shot before leaving

Saturday we spent even more time on the beach, playing scrabble, etc. Saturday night we ate early so that we could all watch Defense Bowl 2011, or as you may know it, the LSU-Alabama game. Not a bad way to end the vacation. Sunday we were up bright and early to catch our 9am flight from Grenada to Puerto Rico, Miami, and finally Orlando. Got to listen to the end of the Saints game thanks to Verizon and NFL Mobile, which I almost turned off so as to not curse the team, since they were up by a jillion points when i first started listening, and then only 8…

We drove back from Orlando to Gainesville while listening to some NPR/Nerdist/Donald Glover podcasts, then ate our leftover airport food, watched a couple episodes of Dexter, and went to bed.

Thanks to that two week vacation, my fuse for dealing with people has thankfully gotten at least a little bit longer… 🙂

Now, less than 2 weeks before I go back to G-ville! yay!

To see more pictures, head on over to photobucket.

California, Part 2…Finally!

13 July 2011

I’m realizing I have a lot to say on different topics, and I want to keep this thing as chronological as possible, so I better get to work!

Thursday. The big day of the Hangover II premiere. We take it relatively easy, and walk down a couple of miles from our hotel to a vintage clothing shop, and then walk back. On the way back we eat at 504, a NOLA-themed and food restaurant. It was very tasty! We walked back to the hotel to get ready and wait for Ken to get done with the Ellen show and get to his hotel room, just a few floors above ours.

We head up to his room around 4:30 or so. We get in the crowded elevator, and I get tapped on the shoulder. It was Tran’s brother, Stephen, who I met years ago at Ken’s wedding and then again at the first Hangover screening, and his fiance. We hang out there for a little bit with Ken, Tran, his manager, publicist, and hair/makeup girl. Lots of french fries. Finally there’s a knock on the door, and it’s Josh (i think), the security guy hired to walk us all over to the theater. We went down the elevator, and past a few people, and then before you knew it, we were in the middle of the street, in front of the barricades with all the screaming fans behind them. We actually snuck about a third of the way down the street before people even realized we were sneaking past them! Ken signed a bunch of autographs, and took a bunch of pictures, and we stood there for a lot of it, talking to the Warner Bros. rep, who got engaged in New Orleans. Eventually we got our passes while Ken was still doing the red carpet thing, and went in the theater.

We enter the theater and find our assigned seats. Ken has a whole row in the middle-ish of the theater for all of his people. Eventually everyone files in. Want me to name drop? Ok. Jerome Bettis. Justin Bartha. Todd Phillips. One of the Bangkok strippers (if you’ve seen the movie…yeah. The one who had lines and who Stu…yeah). And then, right before the movie starts, the row in front of us fills in with…Mike Tyson and his entourage. I don’t know why that made me so happy. Maybe it’s because I played so many hours of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out as a kid. Who knows. Then the lights dimmed, and Todd Phillips introduced the movie. It was fun this time, just as it was for the first one, to hear everyone cheer every time a credit popped on the screen. From the opening studio screens to every cast and crew name.

Then it was over, and we headed across the street to the party. Our new friend from WB escorted us through everyone asking for party tickets (even though we had them) saying “these 2 are good.” We felt like real live movie stars. “Black Doug” (Mike Epps) from the first movie was walking behind us as we walked behind Ken and Tran, and everyone was yelling Ken and Mike’s and everybody else’s names from behind the barricades. Then we got to the party, which was normally just a parking lot, but you’d never know it. It was set up like Thailand (pronounce: Thighland). We got to our reserved area, which again was right behind Tyson’s.

We stayed a little longer than Ken did, because he was exhausted from everything he had been doing that week, and he still had to leave at 5 in the morning to go to Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards. We had a few drinks and some food and talked to, forgive me I’m not sure I remember her name, I think it may have been something like Sherry, the hair and make-up girl…who, of all interests of hers, talked to Rose for a while about Oliver Sacks, one of Rose’s favorite neurologists, who we had listened to a podcast about on the way from SF to LA.

We then headed back to the hotel to change and go up to Ken’s room, but right when we were about to go up he texted to say that they had just left. I didn’t realize he had to leave so early. But we definitely had a great time anyway.

Friday we went to the Griffith Observatory. Great view, plus some learning! 🙂

We left there in time to get dinner, I think, I really don’t remember, and then head to Universal Studios City Walk to go to Jon Lovitz Comedy Club to see Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. I had read on the internet that you should get there early to get a good spot, so we got there in time to get in line really early and ended up being really close to the front. If you ever go, they’re cool with taking pictures, just no flash, so bring your cameras! I didn’t have mine, but thankfully Rose had hers.

It was hilarious, we had lots of food and drink, and then it was over and we headed upstairs to check out the merch. So glad we did. I got an awesome shirt, and as we were up there, Jason Mewes came out.

Saturday we were just lazy, and hung out in the hotel, and had super awesome mega burgers from the joint downstairs in the hotel (WOW), while watching Scott Pilgrim. Then we fell asleep for a while. I think we just chilled in the hotel that night too. Maybe Rose can help me out with that. I just remember we were really lazy that day. Was it that night we got alcoholic milkshakes from the same place we got the burgers? Maybe it was.

We got up Sunday morning, watched some tv for too long, got lunch at Baja Fresh half a block down the street while watching them strike the setup they had for the Kung Fu Panda 2 premiere across the street that morning. We took too long to eat, then went and got our stuff from the hotel, walked to the garage we’d been parking at and…..flat tire. AWESOME. Changed it, and by now we realize we’re not gonna make it to the airport in time. So, since my schedule is more flexible than Rose’s, I offered to bring her to the airport so at least she would make her flight. Which she did. Then I brought the car back, and headed over to the airport. I got there basically as my plane was about to take off, so I told them that I missed my flight, and so they gave me tickets to the next flight that connected to NOLA, which happened to be thru Denver, and I would be on standby. Now that was critical. I went to the gate and told them to put me on standby. They said they’d call me over after boarding. They didn’t, so I went to see what was up. They said oh no it’s completely full. Great So then they tried to see where else they could put me. They sent me to another gate to check on the Vegas flight. She looked and said oh a flight to Vegas that connects to NOLA just left, and it had plenty of seats. Gee, thanks guys. Then she says, “Well, it looks like you have a full price ticket (!) so I can just put you on the next Vegas flight and you won’t have to be on standby.” My mouth stayed shut. I assume the Denver ticket they printed out for me was just a regular ticket, not the kind I normally buy. 🙂 So I got a pizza and waited for my flight. Got on the plane. It was delayed a bit. Great. So finally we get to Vegas, not long before my connecting flight was about to leave. Well, if I missed this flight, at least I could tell Ken to come pick me up and sneak me into the billboard awards. 😉 So I start speed-walking to my terminal…it wasn’t desperate enough yet to run. I get there, and I hear them say something about NOLA, but couldn’t understand what. I didn’t see anyone in line to board, so I went up to the person taking the boarding passes and asked what they said about NOLA. He asked if i was on this flight, I said yes, he asked my name and said “Oh yeah, we were looking for you.” So I get on board, in the second row. Gotta love that schoolbus seating Southwest has now. So I’m sitting there, and they’re about to close the plane, and this guy is standing up in the aisle asking “That’s it? There’s no one else coming?” Nope, that’s it. “Really? No one?” Nope. “Well, I’m the best man for my friend’s wedding, and he’s not here yet.” LOL! The older guy next to me says, “I think there’s a movie about that!” “There’s two of them, actually,” I quip. “Oh wait, there’s 2 more people coming on.” Great! Uh oh, neither of them are him. “What are you going to do?” Do I get any kind of credit if I get off? “Nope.” Then I guess I’ll go back and tell the bride that we lost her groom in Vegas! Hilarious.

Eventually got home at like 1 in the morning. Then I watched about 2 hours of DVR and went to bed.

Good times.

Jazz Fest and California

1 June 2011

So here’s that long post I’ve been meaning to enter. Let’s see how long this takes me, and how many “save and come back later”s.

4:26pm, Monday, May 30.

I almost thought I wasn’t gonna do jazz fest this year, because I hadn’t heard back from my jazz fest live people. Turns out the guy I’ve been going through for the past 5 or whatever years is no longer with the company, and we’ll leave it at that. Finally someone who’s worked with them before got in touch with me at the last minute, got me some people to get in touch with, and all went well. I started out on the blues stage again, and eventually also ended up working a couple of shows on Congo, Acura, and Fais Do Do. As it turns out, there’s someone who works with them…begin gossip here…who, if I understand correctly, went away for a while because he didn’t want to work with the person who’s no longer with the company, and now that that person’s not there, he’s back. Well, apparently over the course of the 10-11 days or so, he ended up working some nerves on a few people. So, on the 2nd to last day, I’m asked how would I feel about taking that position next year… well, it’s a paid position, so it would be pretty sweet. It would involve some organizational skills and also still recording, so that would be great. I was also asked if I can do a live-recording mix…for shows where the cd is sold as soon as the show is over. Um, yeah. I’m not sure if this was solely referring to the small handful of shows that we do that for at the fest, or if it was referring to the other gigs they do elsewhere. It was at least 3am at Snake and Jake’s when that came up, so I’ll have to get some clarification. 😉

The jazz fest pictures are up on photobucket.

Now on to California. Quick note: you can click on any of the following pictures to get a bigger version. I got in around midnight on Friday the 13th. Got my rental car, found my hotel, figured out parking. It was downtown San Francisco, and it was kinda like staying in, or right on the edge of, the french quarter. But I don’t mind because I’m not too picky and will probably sleep through the apocalypse, so $40 a night was a sweet deal for that location. And I even got to hear a dude on a skateboard get hit by a cab! Oh he’s fine, or at least alive…

Saturday and Sunday were really nice, if not a bit cold at night. It was supposed to be raining and gross all weekend, but it held out til Rose got there, of course. Thankfully she did get there at least the day she was supposed to, after all the delays.

So yeah, Sunday. I walked 7.2 miles in thankfully nice weather. I was gonna wuss out if it was too cold and/or raining. But it wasn’t, so I did it, and it was loads of fun. Once again, weather faith won out over weather science.

One of my favorite random attractions? The skateboarding dog.

After the race, I headed to our hotel in Corte Madera and sat in the hot tub for a bit. On the way there, I snapped this photo:

Found out Rose was gonna be late, took a nap, and eventually went to pick her up. Back to the hotel, sleep, wake up Monday morning to go wine tasting. Rose, help me out with the names of the two places we went besides Coppola, which you can see here, in the form of me next to a ship.

Our favorite place we went was the next one. While there, the people to our right were from right around where Rose is in VA, and the people to our left were from Mandeville. Weird. We also liked the shape of the place.

We then went to one more, followed by In and Out burger (YUM), then back to the hotel. We were gonna go to an awesome tiki bar in SF, but the wine took effect and knocked us out for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, again cold and somewhat rainy, took us into San Francisco to do some sight-seeing and grab lunch before beginning the 6 hour drive to LA. We ran across a restaurant called “The Stinking Rose,” which is a garlic-based, or garlic-inspired, or something like that, place.

We got to our hotel, pulled up to the valet, and went inside to check in. Holy swanky, Batman. They had our reservation, but not that it was being paid for, so we straightened that up right away, and went up to our room. We went back downstairs to have a drink at the bar, walked around a tiny bit, and retired for the night. Oh yeah. Paris Hilton was having some kind of party there for the Oxygen Network. Johnny Rockets was having a convention there too.

Wednesday, thankfully, the weather cleared up, and we went to the Getty Museum.

We had lunch, checked it out, spent about 3 or so hours there, then headed back to the hotel, because we were going to a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Topher Grace and Adam Corolla were the guests. Christina Perri was the musical guest, but they actually taped her segment the week before.

The next day was practically the reason for the trip: The Hangover Part II premiere. We hung out during the day, took it relatively easy. Went to a mail place to do some work notary stuff for Rose, then went to a vintage clothing shop about a mile away, then headed back toward the hotel. We had lunch at Five 0 Four, as you can guess from the name, a New Orleans type place. Why? Because I can’t pass up andoille sausage. Or New Orleans food. Or Abita. And as far as I’m concerned, they did a pretty good job. I cleaned my plate, which I usually don’t do.

Time to take a break…4:59pm.

Ok. So I took a long break. It’s now Wednesday night at 11:00pm. I’m gonna break this blog into two parts, so you don’t have to read too much at once! There may only be 3.5 days left of the vacation, but they’re action-packed!

I’ll leave you with this cliffhanger:

Up next: The Hangover Part II premiere!


Here’s a picture of Rose and I in Cali

27 May 2011

More pictures, as well as a detailed report, and a follow-up to the jazz fest post, to follow sometime during this 3-day weekend. I have nothing to do but straighten up my condo, so you know I’ll need a break from that….

To keep you entertained, watch one cat ruin a video. And by ruin, I mean, make it WIN.

Or, you can go to KenJeong.Com to see everything Ken’s been up to lately! If I remember right, he’s currently in notLondon, Germany for the Hangover Part II premiere there. (It was originally supposed to be in London, but something about them not having an available theater moved it to Germany.)

And finally, today is the one-year anniversary of our super mega awesome rehearsal party. No, I can’t believe it either. In case you missed it, you can download it all here.

I’m Back! And it’s April Fool’s Day!

1 April 2011

…but I’ll spare you from any April Fool’s Day jokes or pranks. There will be none of that from me! Hm. 😉

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since this thing was updated! Ok, yes I can. There was Mardi Gras, and St. Patrick’s Day, and St. Joseph’s Day….the parades kept going 2 weeks after Mardi Gras was over. Gotta love it!

Rose and I had a great time hanging out during Mardi Gras with our families. Sure the weather sucked for Endymion, but we partied anyway, that’s to Gwen and Dennis, my parents’ neighbors, and Martin Insurance, as well as Johnny and Abbey Sanchez, and our Bikeus friends, who even made it on the news for having a party even tho there was no parade. You can watch that here. And Sunday we got a good spot for Bacchus and Endymion even though we didn’t get out there til about 3pm, so that was most excellent as well.

You can read more about Mardi Gras Day and the Krewe of Bikeus 2011 here. Be sure to go to the pictures page and click on 2011. You can find more of our mardi gras pictures in our photobucket.

Rose was supposed to leave on Wednesday, but because of weather delays she would’ve missed her connecting flight, so she got to stay an extra day. Woohoo! So instead of flying out of Gulfport, she flew out of Baton Rouge. 😛

Of course that weekend I went to both the Irish Channel parade on Saturday and the Metairie Road parade on Sunday, and even made the Irish-Italian parade the following Sunday. Then I crashed. 🙂

This past Wednesday, I worked with Carrollton Station and The Susan Cowsill Band for a scene on Treme.

So, what i ended up doing was basically about 20 minutes of work, setting up the stage, getting susan’s guitar set up, and telling the guys doing the actual mixing what to give them as far as monitors goes. Which, basically, was pretty limited.

We used our stands, mics, and cables. Ran them into Treme’s snake, which went directly into their board. They gave me one channel to send to all the monitors, which meant everyone had all the same stuff in their monitors. Then they sent their “main mix” back to our main board, which we played through the house, for their boom mic, which you’ll see in the pictures on photobucket, to pick up.

Other than that, it was a bunch of shoots of just believe it, then dialogue with steve and lucia, (apparently “annie” had written a song and susan wants annie to play it but it wasn’t “ready yet”) and so they go into crescent city snow. Which was always cut right during the line “singing joanie at the Carrollton Station.” not sure why.

Anyway, there were extras there as an audience, but not very many for most of the shoots, b/c the camera track was set up even with where the wall ends to go over to that side corner, so whatever could fit in front of that, including a very bobble-headed Paul, was the crowd. There was that camera and one hand-held, which shot mostly from the carrollton side, and a handful of times from the monitor board side, and once or twice from behind the monitor board. Then they later did a longer-range shot, so they brought in more “crowd,” and tiffany the bartender got to be a “waitress,” carrying burgers around. We didn’t get to see those shots cuz of where the cameras were.

The band consisted of susan, russ, mary, jack craft on keyboard, sam craft on violin, steve earle on acoustic, and lucia micarelli on violin. Yes, a 7-piece.

When dressing the set in the morning, they had originally put amber twinkle lights all over the place (b/c “every bar in new orleans has amber twinkle lights” in treme), but later changed them to blue b/c it looks better blue. they also put a clip light on the monitor board. i was up there when they did it, and the guy doing it said, yeah, this guy’s important, he gets a clip light….but wait (grabs another one and puts it on)… he’s REALLY important. he gets TWO clip lights.” knowing “that guy” was basically gonna be me, and without him knowing that, i said, “aw c’mon, nobody’s THAT important.” “oh no. this guy is.” 🙂

Tim, who is a “decorator” on treme, who got me the job with chess, whose main job is to decorate but also to un-decorate…take all the 2011 out…said that they had been filming a bunch of “bounce” scenes, and even when they go to the most ghetto of places, they still use their systems, b/c they want it to be “real.”

And aaron, who got me the union pay for chess, also does sound stuff for treme, so it was good to see him again.

Before they did the long-range shot, someone came up to me and asked if i worked there, and if i wanted to be an extra. i said well i’m already kinda doing something, and he asked don’t we have a bartender here, yes, and if she wanted to. So i brought him to tiffany, and that’s how she got set up with the waitress gig. So i asked him who i had to talk to about signing paperwork and getting paid and all that. He referred me to one person, who asked me what i was doing, and i said basically i’m with the band (b/c really, i didn’t know what to tell her, since this was only arranged the day before, over text, with russ), so she said talk to so and so, who eventually said talk to so and so, and then i found and asked russ, who said talk to so and so or so and so, so i found so and so number 2 first, talked to her, figured out that i was the band’s tech, then she talked to so and so number 1 that russ had been coordinating with all week, he said yes, then she gave me the paperwork to fill out, and russ got all their paperwork to fill out, and everything was set. Then they did the long range shot a couple of times and by 630 or so they started to pack up and go to their next location.

We all hung out at the bar waiting for bartender lillian to get it all set up so we could have a drink. because the drinks the extras had were non-alcoholic beers in real beer bottles… so by 730 or so eric bought us all (the band, minus steve and lucia, and plus jack’s fiance lindsey and sam’s girlfriend alexis, plus me) a drink.

The “kids” left soon after. russ, susan, mary and i went to basil leaf for dinner, where they ran into 2 couples that they knew, who didnt even come out for the shoot…random. Mary ordered a malbec, and susan told her that she’s “jim and franning.” lol. And susan called her mix of soy sauce and a ton of wasabi “pudding,” and i said it looked like the fairgrounds during jazz fest on a rainy day. yeah. it was like that.

Then i left, took the dogs out, and immediately crashed. fun day, but i couldnt make a career out of it.

Don’t worry. These next few weeks will have more blogs. I’m not gonna leave you hanging that long again. 😉

We’re back home. In the cold. Boo.

13 January 2011

This time last week, I was roaming around sunny Lake Buena Vista while Rose was in Gainesville. Today I’m back in cold New Orleans (huh?!) and Rose is in snowy Vienna (less huh). Can’t believe it’s been a whole week. Anyway, the rest of the pictures I’m putting up are up over at photobucket. Included the link there in case you’re lazy. 😉

I’d like to thank the Catholics for not making Easter in February. Mardi Gras would really suck if it had to be this time of year…. And, also, I’d like to thank January for living up to its reputation as my least favorite month (except for Jan1-Jan9 this year of course).

So what did we do? Well, when Rose was at UF, I went to Downtown Disney, and the Carribbean Beach and Saratoga Springs resorts. I headed back to Pop Century at 5pm to rest and watch tv, and Rose drove back through the rain to pick me up around 7. We brought the car back to the airport, got on the Disney Magical Express (say: airport shuttle) and headed back to the hotel. We then went to dinner at Planet Hollywood.

Thursday we got up early and got to Hollywood Studios right as it was opening, and got our FastPass for Tower of Terror, then went on Rock and Roller Coaster twice in a row. Then off to Tower. Spent the whole day at the Studios doing lots I haven’t done in a while (Indy stunt show, Backlot Tour, etc). Had dinner at Mama Melrose’s, followed by Fantasmic, and back to the hotel. Perfectly timed, Rea called 15 minutes after we got back to the hotel, to “concert call” us from Chickie Wah Wah for the announcement of this year’s Krewe of Bikeus Royalty. This year’s royalty is

Rob with the "King and Queen" of Bikeus 2011

US! Holy crap.

So we celebrated with this

which I had delivered to the room on Tuesday while we were out. It was meant to celebrate our “anniversary” (of 7 months…), but we added Bikeus to the celebration.

Friday we picked up our race stuff and headed to Animal Kingdom until 4. Then we went and had dinner in the UK in Epcot at the Rose and Crown Pub, and spent the rest of the night there. Even though the extended magic hours kept Epcot open til midnight, we left after the fireworks at 9 so we could get some sleep before waking up for the half marathon.

We woke up at 2:45 and headed down to the bus around 3:30. Yes, a.m. As you can see in my tweet it was quite congested getting from the drop off point to the corral. Initially I was in G and Rose was in F (out of a total of H), but she decided not to run, and walked with me, so she snuck into G. By the time we started it was about 6:15, 6:20. We walked most of the way, with a little jogging. Mile 2 was the hardest to get through, which is normally the way with me. Once I get past the first few miles, I’m good. Mile 1 was pretty easy, but mile 2 I had to slow down. I was a little worried about making it the whole way. But I know myself, and I know if I push through miles 2 and 3, I can go an undetermined distance. And, as of Saturday, that distance is just about 13 miles. I must admit, it was fun to actually have people cheering us on…high school bands, random people, characters, fake Epcot (an Epcot hot air balloon that from a distance looked like Epcot just when I was thinking we were gonna be on Interstate 4 all the way and that the “going through the parks” part was a lie and said oh there’s Epcot but it really wasn’t…) I tell ya, going through the parks really saved me. It made it feel like I wasn’t doing a marathon at all. 🙂 What also saved me was that there were SO MANY people who were doing our pace. Sure, there were those people who were making their way to the finish line when we were still on mile 3 or so, but there were also over 1,000 people who finished behind us. Our final time was 3:27:28, an average of 15.92 minutes per mile. (I know the clock in the pictures says 4:06:00, but that’s because we don’t start with everyone else.) We were wearing our Saints jerseys, so every now and then along the course we’d hear “WHO DAT!” And, when we crossed the starting line, the m.c. saw us and said, “Who Dat! Who Dat! Who Dat gonna run 13.1 miles!” 😀 We walked most of the way and would jog for a minute or two every now and then. After around mile 9 or 10 I was done with the running every now and then, but we still made it in time. But we did run the last few yards or so, as you can see in the video below. We come into frame around 4:06:00.

After we finished I was looking for the beer and nachos tent, but apparently that only happens in New Orleans races? Hm. 😉 We got our snacks and sat down to eat them. I was fine until the point that I had to get up. If I hadn’t sat down, I coulda kept going. But once I stopped, it was REALLY hard to get going again. And I knew that would happen, which is why I didn’t go to the restroom on the course. 🙂 But we started moving again, and walked from where we were, the Epcot parking lot, to Epcot to catch the monorail to the Magic Kingdom, where we got some ibuprofen and some lunch and went on a few attractions. As per tradition, we finished the park-day off at the Haunted Mansion, where the ride stopped for like 10 minutes (AWESOME!!). We were gonna go on Pirates next, but the line was too long and I didn’t feel like waiting, cuz by that point I was done with the crowds and didn’t really need to go on anything else. Just wanted to get our Dole Whip, head to the ESPN complex to see if they had the “I DID IT” shirt that I wanted (they didn’t…didn’t get it the day before cuz I didn’t wanna jinx myself, not finish the race, and feel like a liar), and then headed to Narcoossee’s for dinner. Awesome dinner. Expensive “thank you for the Disney dining plan” dinner. Headed home and crashed.

Oh yeah. The Disney parks for the past few years have had an “I’m Celebrating” theme, where you can get (free!) buttons based on what you’re celebrating. When we went to Disneyland in 09, we got the “just engaged” buttons, and i got a “happy birthday” one. This time we got “happy anniversary,” and after finding out about bikeus, we went to the Magic Kingdom and got these write-in buttons:

There are more pictures that I snagged from the official race site here.

We wandered around Downtown Disney and went on a water mouse boat ride on Sunday, stopped off at the Polynesian, and then headed back to the hotel to catch our ride to the airport. Even though on different flights, we ended up leaving out of the same gate, right after having dinner (sorta) right by the gate. Then I got on my bumpy flight home to 40 degree weather and rain, and Rose went back to VA where she had to dig her car out of snow. Or something gross like that.

Anyway, I really wanna win the powerball so we can do that 52 weeks a year.

Next stop: Mardi Gras!!!

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