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Carrollton Station – Part 2

1 September 2012

As I sit here relaxing in Rogers, AR at the Krupka Family reunion, knowing that it’s way better than being in NOLA right now a)because I’m with Rose and b)because my condo still doesn’t have power, I decided to kill some time by putting up part two.

I think I’ve decided that I’ll do the rest of these by year. So let’s see. That leaves… 2007, 2008 and 2009 together, 2010, 2011 and 2012 together, so, 6 parts altogether. I wonder how long this will take.

Here’s the first Covered in Vinyl after Katrina: Band on the Run…

…and Eric playing with Susan at an unplugged show.

Theresa Andersson when she was still doing the band thing and not the one-woman-band thing (with Cassandra on bass, who is now the …um, I lost count… ‘th bass player for Buckaroo Piehole The Right Side Cowboy Mouth).

Now THIS was epic. A moment that will live in Carrollton Station infamy history. The one and only Chris Wyble, former Carrollton Station “chef” and awesome bacon ranch fries maker, and his brother playing at open mic night. Yep. Dude’s playing a box. And it was awesome. And sounded better than some of the kick drums that have come through there. 😉

The next 3 pictures are from Nathalie’s Motorway reunion birthday show in 2006, with special guest Kevin George from the Bag of Donuts singing, if I remember right, “You Suck.”

The next 6 pictures are from Halloween / Voodoo Fest weekend 2006. They include such classics as El Dasho Rip Rocko, Frylock mixing, a rare appearance at the Station by the NC crew (krewe), and Sandy chilling on the pew.

And now, it’s time to end Part 2 the same way I ended Part 1 – with New Year’s Freeve 2006.

2007 will take a while. It’s A LOT of pictures. See ya then!

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  1. Gosh, i feel special to have made the cut. If course Sandy’s nap is one of my fav station moments

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