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Carrollton Station – Part 1

So as some of you have heard, and many of you have not, Carrollton Station, the place I have called my “soundguy” home for the past 6+ years, and the place I’ve been watching and / or recording for 5 or 6 years before that, may be no more after this year. Eric, the owner (ok, leaser) for the past 10 years, has decided not to renew. Is someone else going to buy it out and keep it as Carrollton Station? Will it continue as something else? Will it shut its doors as a bar and music venue forever? That’s yet to be seen. So, I’ve been inspired to post a pictorial memory on this blog. After going through tons of pictures, I managed to narrow it down to a mere…oh, 90 or so. I was unsure how I was gonna post them. No way was I gonna do 90ish at once. But I couldn’t decide how many at a time. Then I started to upload, and I realized that I’m going to let the pictures, and when they were taken, decide how many I do at a time. And, of course, they will all be chronological.

Now, while I started to go there around 2000-2001, most of my pictures from then were in printed form. And while I still have those pictures, I’m not gonna go through the trouble of scanning them, when I already have so many from 2004 on. So, that said, I give you some of my Carrollton Station memories.

Mark Hebert was the drummer and one of the singers from Tom’s House, a local band that was always on the verge of making it big. He had to quit for a while because he developed “Steve Perry nodules,” but they were repaired and he did some solo work before joining another local (all cover) band that he still plays with, the Chee Weez. Here he’s performing a song that he wrote with Paul Sanchez.

John Thomas Griffith, of Cowboy Mouth, and Paul Sanchez, formerly of Cowboy Mouth, had a side project called The Lonesome Travelers. Actor MC Gainey is a friend, who always attends Jazz Fest unless he’s filming something. Here he is singing with Paul and Griff.

Same show, Jazz Fest 2004, Paul and Griff with another former Cowboy Mouth member, Rob Savoy.

Jazz Fest 2005 – The last Jazz Fest before “the thing.” The last Jazz Fest before things we took for granted started to mean more than we’d ever know. The Lonesome Travelers opening for Susan Cowsill. Hey, Rob/Paul, if either of you are reading this… we should really get Gideon Pickett on an album somewhere…ahem.

Then, 4 months later, it happened. Then, about 2 months after that, Carrollton Station, thankfully spared (despite a couple of minor leaks and some spoiled food), opened for music again. Temporary music system yes, but damn it felt good to be open. As terrible as Katrina was…there was NOTHING like the feeling of being back to things that were as they were before the storm…mostly, anyway. I have never been, and probably never will be, so happy to have the only 2 choices on any menu in the city be “burgers” and “chicken tenders.”

Some of you may recognize one of the guys in the following pictures as Pete, the best man in my wedding. The only thing that makes these otherwise joyful memories not so joyful, is that Pete’s former band member, Colin, in some of these pictures, was taken from us last year. But oh what a joyful night this was.

Next up, the first Covered In Vinyl after Katrina. For those of you who don’t know, Covered In Vinyl was a monthly series that the Susan Cowsill Band performed at the Station where they would take a classic album and cover it from start to finish. In Susan’s song Crescent City Snow (which I’m currently listening to a version I’ve titled the “undefeated version,” performed at the U2 CiV in November 2006, drew breeeeeees!”, talk about emotional), there is a line that says, “…singing Joni at the Carrollton Station.” This is because September 3, 2005, the first Saturday, which is usually when CIV took place, was supposed to be Joni Mitchell’s “Court and Spark.” Needless to say, that didn’t happen. Eventually they did sing Joni at the Carrollton Station (in 2006). This CIV, however, was appropriately chosen: Band on the Run.

And yes, that’s Russ on guitar. You can’t see it, but Susan’s on drums. They both have the reNew Orleans shirt on. 🙂

I don’t have much to say about this one…I’ll say more about this band in a little bit. I just wanted to include it because it’s from an angle you (and even I) don’t get to see that often. Beatinpath (they’re included on our wedding cd, btw).

I just like this picture. Susan and Russ. Thanksgiving 2005

Me and Fred Leblanc of Cowboy Mouth, Christmas 2005.

Remember how I said that I was gonna say more about beatinpath in a minute? Well here we go.

On New Year’s Eve 2005, beatinpath and Carrollton Station had what we called New Year’s Freeve. Freeve, because it was Free. And my God man. Seeing all those people together again, some we hadn’t seen since before the thing, was freakin cathartic. I had to look up cathartic to see if it meant what I thought it meant. It was so cathartic that I knew it was cathartic without even knowing what it meant. That’s how freakin cathartic it was.

Well, I think that’s enough for installment one. Stay tuned for the rest. There’s a long way to go.

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  1. Can’t wait for more…thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m sorry Jeff!!
    I have so many great memories at the Carrolton Station I think my first time was in 01 for the Garden District .I’ll never forget that NYE with Beatin Path, the city had alittle life in it again and the band kept playing..

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