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California, Part 2…Finally!

I’m realizing I have a lot to say on different topics, and I want to keep this thing as chronological as possible, so I better get to work!

Thursday. The big day of the Hangover II premiere. We take it relatively easy, and walk down a couple of miles from our hotel to a vintage clothing shop, and then walk back. On the way back we eat at 504, a NOLA-themed and food restaurant. It was very tasty! We walked back to the hotel to get ready and wait for Ken to get done with the Ellen show and get to his hotel room, just a few floors above ours.

We head up to his room around 4:30 or so. We get in the crowded elevator, and I get tapped on the shoulder. It was Tran’s brother, Stephen, who I met years ago at Ken’s wedding and then again at the first Hangover screening, and his fiance. We hang out there for a little bit with Ken, Tran, his manager, publicist, and hair/makeup girl. Lots of french fries. Finally there’s a knock on the door, and it’s Josh (i think), the security guy hired to walk us all over to the theater. We went down the elevator, and past a few people, and then before you knew it, we were in the middle of the street, in front of the barricades with all the screaming fans behind them. We actually snuck about a third of the way down the street before people even realized we were sneaking past them! Ken signed a bunch of autographs, and took a bunch of pictures, and we stood there for a lot of it, talking to the Warner Bros. rep, who got engaged in New Orleans. Eventually we got our passes while Ken was still doing the red carpet thing, and went in the theater.

We enter the theater and find our assigned seats. Ken has a whole row in the middle-ish of the theater for all of his people. Eventually everyone files in. Want me to name drop? Ok. Jerome Bettis. Justin Bartha. Todd Phillips. One of the Bangkok strippers (if you’ve seen the movie…yeah. The one who had lines and who Stu…yeah). And then, right before the movie starts, the row in front of us fills in with…Mike Tyson and his entourage. I don’t know why that made me so happy. Maybe it’s because I played so many hours of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out as a kid. Who knows. Then the lights dimmed, and Todd Phillips introduced the movie. It was fun this time, just as it was for the first one, to hear everyone cheer every time a credit popped on the screen. From the opening studio screens to every cast and crew name.

Then it was over, and we headed across the street to the party. Our new friend from WB escorted us through everyone asking for party tickets (even though we had them) saying “these 2 are good.” We felt like real live movie stars. “Black Doug” (Mike Epps) from the first movie was walking behind us as we walked behind Ken and Tran, and everyone was yelling Ken and Mike’s and everybody else’s names from behind the barricades. Then we got to the party, which was normally just a parking lot, but you’d never know it. It was set up like Thailand (pronounce: Thighland). We got to our reserved area, which again was right behind Tyson’s.

We stayed a little longer than Ken did, because he was exhausted from everything he had been doing that week, and he still had to leave at 5 in the morning to go to Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards. We had a few drinks and some food and talked to, forgive me I’m not sure I remember her name, I think it may have been something like Sherry, the hair and make-up girl…who, of all interests of hers, talked to Rose for a while about Oliver Sacks, one of Rose’s favorite neurologists, who we had listened to a podcast about on the way from SF to LA.

We then headed back to the hotel to change and go up to Ken’s room, but right when we were about to go up he texted to say that they had just left. I didn’t realize he had to leave so early. But we definitely had a great time anyway.

Friday we went to the Griffith Observatory. Great view, plus some learning! ๐Ÿ™‚

We left there in time to get dinner, I think, I really don’t remember, and then head to Universal Studios City Walk to go to Jon Lovitz Comedy Club to see Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. I had read on the internet that you should get there early to get a good spot, so we got there in time to get in line really early and ended up being really close to the front. If you ever go, they’re cool with taking pictures, just no flash, so bring your cameras! I didn’t have mine, but thankfully Rose had hers.

It was hilarious, we had lots of food and drink, and then it was over and we headed upstairs to check out the merch. So glad we did. I got an awesome shirt, and as we were up there, Jason Mewes came out.

Saturday we were just lazy, and hung out in the hotel, and had super awesome mega burgers from the joint downstairs in the hotel (WOW), while watching Scott Pilgrim. Then we fell asleep for a while. I think we just chilled in the hotel that night too. Maybe Rose can help me out with that. I just remember we were really lazy that day. Was it that night we got alcoholic milkshakes from the same place we got the burgers? Maybe it was.

We got up Sunday morning, watched some tv for too long, got lunch at Baja Fresh half a block down the street while watching them strike the setup they had for the Kung Fu Panda 2 premiere across the street that morning. We took too long to eat, then went and got our stuff from the hotel, walked to the garage we’d been parking at and…..flat tire. AWESOME. Changed it, and by now we realize we’re not gonna make it to the airport in time. So, since my schedule is more flexible than Rose’s, I offered to bring her to the airport so at least she would make her flight. Which she did. Then I brought the car back, and headed over to the airport. I got there basically as my plane was about to take off, so I told them that I missed my flight, and so they gave me tickets to the next flight that connected to NOLA, which happened to be thru Denver, and I would be on standby. Now that was critical. I went to the gate and told them to put me on standby. They said they’d call me over after boarding. They didn’t, so I went to see what was up. They said oh no it’s completely full. Great So then they tried to see where else they could put me. They sent me to another gate to check on the Vegas flight. She looked and said oh a flight to Vegas that connects to NOLA just left, and it had plenty of seats. Gee, thanks guys. Then she says, “Well, it looks like you have a full price ticket (!) so I can just put you on the next Vegas flight and you won’t have to be on standby.” My mouth stayed shut. I assume the Denver ticket they printed out for me was just a regular ticket, not the kind I normally buy. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I got a pizza and waited for my flight. Got on the plane. It was delayed a bit. Great. So finally we get to Vegas, not long before my connecting flight was about to leave. Well, if I missed this flight, at least I could tell Ken to come pick me up and sneak me into the billboard awards. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So I start speed-walking to my terminal…it wasn’t desperate enough yet to run. I get there, and I hear them say something about NOLA, but couldn’t understand what. I didn’t see anyone in line to board, so I went up to the person taking the boarding passes and asked what they said about NOLA. He asked if i was on this flight, I said yes, he asked my name and said “Oh yeah, we were looking for you.” So I get on board, in the second row. Gotta love that schoolbus seating Southwest has now. So I’m sitting there, and they’re about to close the plane, and this guy is standing up in the aisle asking “That’s it? There’s no one else coming?” Nope, that’s it. “Really? No one?” Nope. “Well, I’m the best man for my friend’s wedding, and he’s not here yet.” LOL! The older guy next to me says, “I think there’s a movie about that!” “There’s two of them, actually,” I quip. “Oh wait, there’s 2 more people coming on.” Great! Uh oh, neither of them are him. “What are you going to do?” Do I get any kind of credit if I get off? “Nope.” Then I guess I’ll go back and tell the bride that we lost her groom in Vegas! Hilarious.

Eventually got home at like 1 in the morning. Then I watched about 2 hours of DVR and went to bed.

Good times.

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