Almost a whole year. I’m a slacker.

19 August 2016

Ok. Just like the Counting Crows have been hanging around this town, it’s been “way way way too long” since I’ve put a major update on this blog! So many things have happened. Continental Drifters. Hawaii. Disney World. Mardi Gras. Rose accepting a job in Florida. Wanee. Jazz Fest. And that just gets us through the first 5 months of this year! I’ll reserve from June forward for the next post, cuz there’s already way too much I’m putting in this one, and I’m even cutting back on that.

We set up this web site initially for our wedding, and then converted it to a blog to track our adventures, sort of a journal type thing. So let me do my best to keep that up.

So, as Billy Eichner from Billy on the Street would say, “And away…..we…..GO!”

Let’s start this off with our trip with the Continental Drifters reunion. For those of you who don’t know, and you should, the Continental Drifters were an AWESOME band in the 90s/early 2000s. Kind of a supergroup, some may say. Susan Cowsill. Vicki Peterson. Peter Holsapple. Ray Ganucheau. Mark Walton. Carlo Nuccio. Gary Eaton. Danny McGough. Russ Broussard. Robert Mache. Well, they did a reunion in New Orleans, then 2 shows in California. Jeff decided to go to the California shows too, and threw in a Dr. Ken taping. Little did he know Nate & Nanci would be there, and a trip to Disneyland was also thrown into the mix. Oh yeah, AND The Dan Band. At the Roxy. What an intimate show.



From California in September to Hawaii last October. Here’s a bunch of pictures from that, besides the awesome street art I added in the last post to keep it from being too stale.

One of the major things Jeff insisted on, a tour of Kualoa Ranch, where a lot of Lost was shot, as well as the newest King Kong movie, and the ATV scene from Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. OH yeah, and also some of Jurassic World. You know. The stuff that wasn’t shot at Jazzland. 🙂



Don’t worry, we survived our run-ins with polar bears and a t-rex, so we went to a Luau and a beach and spent some time with Jeff’s parents.





After we were done being tourists, we went to Molokai to hang out with Rose’s parents.


Go figure, Jeff had some beer. He thinks this should be a promotional shot for Kona Brewing, even though it wasn’t shot on the big island.


There’s a pool at the Krupka home on Molokai. There are huge pictures of turtles and dolphins on the bottom and sides of the pool. They look real. Jeff wanted to take a picture with one. In this picture…yes. That’s his foot. This isn’t a reshoot of the Nirvana cover.


In January we did the Disney World Half Marathon as part of Jeff’s 40th birthday celebration. We did a whole 4 days at the park, staying on the grounds with the dining plan and everything. It was heaven (for Jeff, of course. It was fun for Rose too, but I’m pretty sure Jeff is the only one who would describe it as “heaven”).







Before you knew it, it was time for Mardi Gras.





Jeff was Mitch Landrieu, the mayor of New Orleans (note the Robert E. Lee statue), and Rose was a flamingo. We will be cleaning up pink boa feathers for the rest of our lives, and then some.


After Mardi Gras, we went to see Mute Math. If you don’t know who they are, you should.


Rose finally decided she had worked 24/7/365 enough, and decided to take a job in Florida working every other week, so we had a surprise going way party for her at the bulldog. A lot of people showed up. It was awesome. She claimed she knew something was up, but I don’t believe her.




Then we moved most of our stuff to Florida. In a 26′ Penske van. FYI, if you ever rent a truck from HOME DEPOT (or anywhere, really, but I ALL CAPS’ED them because this time was their fault) and the DEF light comes on, DO NOT mess around. Make sure they fill that up, or you’ll have to sit at a (the only) gas station between New Orleans East and Slidell for an hour and a half for them to come fill you up. We only used, maybe, 1/4 of the DEF tank the whole trip, so that tells you how lazy they were at refilling the thing, cuz it was basically on E when we got it. But we got it filled up and everything was fine after that. Pulled out of Slidell around 1, pulled into Jupiter around 3am.




I was there for a week or so, then came home in time for the St. Patrick’s day parades, and caught an awesome Harry Lee bobble head, because I knew who it was. Then for the first time in forever I went to French Quarter Fest, but only because Susan Cowsill was playing.




I like Mardi Gras so much I painted the old bench that came with the condo Mardi Gras colors.


Then it was time for Wanee Festival. Always a fun time. I love that I went from “stealth” recordings with a minidisc to making money multitracking, mixing, and selling live concert recordings. If you are interested in any…



After that was over, since it’s halfway between New Orleans and Jupiter, of course I went to Jupiter. Rose and I spent a few days together doing awesome things before coming home for Jazz Fest.




Daisy had to make sure Rose’s Jazz Fest hat fit right.


Now, some random Jazz Fest pictures that I won’t give any descriptions or tell any stories about because they’re just not necessary:







Now some I’d like to tell a quick line or two about:

I am single-handedly responsible for signing Mystikal. I did that one for me.


We ran into Russ Broussard too.


Just in case you’re working security at the Acura stage and don’t know who the Red Hot Chili Peppers are:


Tuesday in between was the annual Threadheads Patry. Definitely a fun time you should try to check out if you haven’t already.


This is the information Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns send in advance. Best. Tech info. Ever.


Kelcy Mae and Alexandra Scott happened to be playing at the record store across the street too!


This is one of my favorite pictures at Jazz Fest in a while. Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show.


It rained a lot at Jazz Fest this year. I finally got use out of my rain boots.








I also got to see MyFriendApril and Darren & Shannon this year.



Good times.

Well, I think that’s enough to digest for now. More to come!


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It’s been too long!

19 May 2016

Wow. Almost a year, really?

I’ll post a real update of all the stuff you’ve been seeing on bookface, but for now, to make it less stale and (ahem) moldy around here, here is some awesome street art we saw when we were in Hawaii last year!








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Katrina +10

29 August 2015

Sure, I’ll participate. Why not? I’m just gonna post a bunch of pictures. None of them too gory, or depressing. I’m not gonna tell our story here. Cuz I have other stuff to do right now. Maybe for the 20th anniversary. If I still remember it. 😉 So here are some pictures from when we came home. As always, click for a larger image if you want.

It’s weird to see only military traffic on Camp Street. But that’s all there was when I arrived, roughly a week after.


But once people came back, maybe they were driving too fast.


I hope you don’t want to go down Airline.


Does anyone wanna buy a 1996 Saturn? The next generation has arrived! I wonder how many of generations of billboards blew off before this one was revealed.


Our house*…in the middle of our street…
*(not OUR house… or our street)


This is our house. After we started gutting it.


Figured this was a pretty eerie headline to see under the grossness caused by its predicted namesake.


Probably one of my favorite gross pictures. The one I show everyone. The mantle that floated off the fireplace and landed with everything still in place on it. Sure, a recliner was found in a room where it didn’t start off, and the tv and entertainment center were toppled over, but these candles and angels took a ride floating (I assume) on 7 feet of water and didn’t budge an inch.


After all that, I needed a beer in a 1984 World’s Fair Stein. Now, the only problem…where to get beer in New Orleans East 2 weeks after Katrina?! Sigh…


Instead I walked down the street and saw this little guy. I lured him to to our truck with some food we had for us, scooped him up, and brought him to the shelter in Luling. I hear he got all cleaned up and adopted by a nice family. It just amazes me how he survived. I’d love to hear his story.


And while we’re telling heartwarming pet stories…

E.L. and Woody

It was soon Halloween, and what was one of the scariest things on the NOLA landscape at the time? Taped up fridges and freezers. More about that: Katrina Refrigerator Messages


Well that brings me to the end of my Katrina+10 contribution. There’s enough out there if you’re really into that kind of thing. Now I’m going to make a hidden litter box out of a toy chest.

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What’s Been Going On?

10 July 2015

We went to (more accurately, Jeff recorded and partially worked) the 610 stompers ball during Mardi Gras.


Apparently there was a chair convention at work.


Did some more mardi gras stuff, with the haunted house from pontchartrain beach in Endymion…


… and with the Petoskey Steel Drum Band from Michigan…


…and even with E.T.!


For mardi gras day, we were Kim Jong Un Kardashian, and The Wrath of Khhhhaaaaannnye West.


Soon it was crawfish season, so we went to Redd’s on a bunch of Fridays.


Jeff had a Johnny Sketch gig on the Natchez for a bunch of doctors.


And Bag of Donuts raided Cowboy Mouth’s set at…wait, what was it? I don’t remember now. It was the same day as the Irish Italian parade though.


Then we ran across the Luling bridge for the first in a series of 3 bridge runs.


After that, it was festival season. First up, Wanee.




Next was Jazz Fest. Rose actually got to go! 4 days!

Paul Sanchez


Manny Fresh

Big Chief Monk Boudreaux at the Threadhead Patry

John Gros

Shamarr Allen

Buddy Guy

Jeff worked a few city park gigs from May – July.


From May 29-31, we spent our 5th anniversary weekend doing fun stuff, and stayed at Rick and Rob’s place in the quarter. Muchos gracias for that!!! It was most excellent. We started the weekend out at Chickie Wah Wah, enjoying the songs of Paul Sanchez, who dedicated the whole first hour of his show to our requests, which we would’ve been happy if only a few had been chosen. Who knew he’d turn it into a setlist!




These two are the two pictured above in the city park picture.


This sign sums up the entire city right now. Slow Construction.


It rained pretty bad for a little while on Saturday, the 30th. But Bourbon Street was prepared with drawbridges over the moats o’funk.



The following weekend was my birthday. Rose was at a conference, so she joined in the celebration on Sunday. On Friday, some of us went to June under the Moon at City Park. Free food, beer, and rides for one admission price all night! The person who checked my i.d. at the gate said I look really young for my age. Heh.

The person who took this picture cut it off, but I’m holding a hot dog in one hand, & a caption bubble that says “Aaaaaaaahhh!” above it.


Then I tried to feed beer to the pelican at the gate of the birthday party village. He would have none of that!


Saturday was the third bridge run in the series, the crescent city connection.


Sunday came and it was skating time. Woo! It was fun. I got terrible blisters from the skates, and my legs hurt cuz I’m so out of practice, but other than that it was fun. 🙂


On June 13, I went to the Saenger for the first time since around 2004 to see the Impractical Jokers. Funny stuff.


For the weekend of the 19-21, we celebrated my birthday together. We went on a cemetery tour during the day. I liked this picture because it reminded me of the Haunted Mansion. Of course.


And, that night, The Dan Band. We actually saw him walking from his limo, like, a block away, while we were looking for parking. For some reason I didn’t roll down the window and yell “DAN! DAN!” We ran into a TON of people while we were walking around down there, including two of the people who were on our cemetery tour. It was totally a LOST type day. We got there early, and could pretty much choose our spot. There was a good spot upstairs on the rail, but, I decided to do what I rarely do (but have done 2 of the 3 times I’ve seen the Dan Band for some reason) and went as far up front as possible. Oh but it’s so worth it. He just came out with a new album today, The Wedding Album. You should get that.


Now, let’s see how long I go before updating this thing again!

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Condo Renovations

5 June 2015

Yup. Another long time between posts. How have I gone almost 5 months??? Well anyway, here’s some stuff that happened, part one of two. We redid our bathrooms and kitchen! They were in DESPERATE need, as you can see in the photos below. Hole in the ceiling in one of the bathrooms due to leaks from the upstairs neighbor that needed to be fixed, and a lifetime of secret water leaks making all kinds of unknown messes. That, plus the fact that it probably wasn’t updated since the 80s.

Here are some before shots of the guest bathroom.


I thought I smelled something funky. Who knows how long that was like that.



And now the after shots!



That cabinet around the toilet is now back where it belongs, in the master bathroom. It was just there while the master was being redone.

Rose put up these shelves:


Now the master before:



And after:



And finally, the kitchen before:




And after:




It took a couple of months, but it makes such a tremendous difference.

And, since I’m not one to throw things away that I see a possible use for…I took the 2 mirrors from the bathrooms, added some glass tile and grout, and put them on the wall in our bedroom to reflect the light that comes in through the sliding glass door, and to make the room feel bigger.


Finally, we got tired of walking out the back door through the (lack of) grass / mud. So I bought some stones and put them across the back “yard.” I had asked the condo association at one time about doing this, and never heard back, so just went ahead and did it. 3 weeks later I was asked if the maintenance guy ever talked to me about the stones. Nope. Well the president of the association didn’t want them there, cuz they were a “trip hazard.” So I wrote them a nice letter presenting options, and eventually we were told we can keep them if we put them in the ground. So I did and now everything’s a-ok.


That was A LOT of dirt dug up. We put some of it in the compost box or whatever you call that thing (now we just need to get some more worms), and the rest in an extra trash can. We’re eventually gonna get some flower pots and use that for the soil. In the meantime, if anyone needs some dirt……

Next up: a summary of what we’ve been doing the past 4 or 5 months, other than renovations!

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Road Trip!

16 January 2015

Was our road trip really 5 months ago?? Did I really start this post 2 months ago?? Where does the time go???!? Most if not all of this has been on the bookface. But as usual, I like to gather it all together and put it here. So, come, join us, on our digital road trip!

First stop: Traverse City! We enjoyed a weekend plus a few days at the Krupka household. Here’s Daisy hating the water again just like she did when she first visited there after we got married. Lady doesn’t seem to mind though.


We spent some quality relaxing time out on the porch…


…and then went inside when Carol, Frank, and Violet got there. The dogs really liked Violet, and she liked the puppy cats. Daisy ended up really liking her, because she figured out that Violet’s food didn’t always end up in Violet’s mouth…sometimes it ended up on the floor. Woo hoo!


Pete and Mary played some cornhole (action shot!)


And we went to the Dunes. Everyone else went further down (up?) the dunes, but Rose and I only went to the top as the end of our 5k.


Daisy didn’t go on the dunes, but she was still pretty tired and needed to relax.


Rose and Jim, and Daisy and Lady, went off in the kayak. I think this was after Rose threw a bag of poop in a tree…..I almost joined them, but when I sat in the kayak and got water in my pants, I decided to pass. I felt like I was sitting under water. I was fine in the canoe a few years ago so figured it would be the same. Nope. Cold water up my butt. So yeah, Jim took my place and I went back to the house.


Then we took a tour of the winery, where apparently someone like me works. Crazy sign alterers.



Here are some shots from above! People chilling on the patio, and Rose and Fran working on a quilt.



Whose bed is this? Is it for Jeff and Rose? No. I think it’s for Daisy and Lady.


I guess that’s ok, cuz they’re not allowed to ride bicycles or scooters in this building.


Now we’ve moved on to Chicago. After checking in to our Air-BNB, we went to dinner with the dogs at Bad Dog Tavern and Grill. Hooray for places that allow dogs!


The next day we went for a big walk so we could go to Hot Doug’s for lunch. Hot Doug’s closed forever in October. We had never been, but heard they were awesome and closing, so we decided to wait in the 2 hour line for a-mah-zing (sorry, just started watching Happy Endings) hot dogs. It was worth it.



Later that night we met up with some friends who live in the area at Northdown Cafe and Tavern, followed by a walk right down the street to see David Ryan Harris play at Schubas. As a side note, I’m thankful for the Untappd app for allowing me to “remember” where we went.



Next it was off to Sparta, WI, where they make these fiberglass statues. Not only do they make them, but it’s also the location of a fiberglass statue “graveyard.” New Orleanians will recognize the Frostop, and apparently Rose works on all kinds of animals, even fiberglass ones.

9.4.14 527



Even the dogs were excited about our next stop. But not as excited as Jeff, who got to visit what is *probably* his favorite brewery: Leinenkugel! There is literally not one beer that they make that he doesn’t like. And it also turned out to be their annual “garage sale.” We got a t-shirt and an awesome tap for really cheap. It’s a good thing Rose’s car is so small, or there may have been more purchases.




Then we made our way to Darwin, MN…home of the biggest ball of twine (made by one man), as made famous by Weird Al! And, as it turned out, that weekend was TwineBall Fest! Holy awesomesauce. So we ran the Twine-K, and then went to Twine Fest. They had a parade too, but we had to leave before it started to that we could make it to Mystic Lake Casino to see the Dan Band!





Now, if you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing The Dan Band, or worse yet, don’t know who they are, please, please, look them up. They’re hilarious. And they were performing at a beer festival! Oh man what a day.



We took it easy the next day, and then continued on our journey. Next up was the Spam Museum in Austin, MN. And I’m glad we went! It closed on September 28…but only temporarily, as it’s moving to downtown Austin, but it won’t be open until 2016. Spam Museum.




After spam, we decided to be more healthy, and visited Blue Earth, MN, home of a really tall Jolly Green Giant, who apparently participates in Relay for Life.




There’s a super-tiny chapel called the Blue Mound Wayside Chapel not to far from the Giant. It’s almost smaller than Rose’s car, if you can believe that.


9.4.14 655

We finally made it to South Dakota, and started off in Sioux Falls, at Falls Park, followed by the Corn Palace, which was under renovation, but still open.





Of course we had to go to the Badlands and Wall Drug. They need more signs for Wall Drug . Daisy was pretty excited about this creature we saw on the side of the road, almost right next to the car.




How do you top that? By going to the Dinosaur Park, of course!





Our last stop before joining up with Rose’s family was a camping trip. We slept in a teepee, which actually kept us pretty warm and dry in the rain. We roasted spammallows over the fire, and met a cute bunny I named Chipz, cuz he likes chips.




The next day we started heading toward Rapid City. We were gonna take one scenic route, but that route had been turned into a pay road. So we took another route, and it worked out great that we did. We ended up in a State Farm commercial! These guys were right next to our car.


We ran into Jimmy Carter when we went downtown, and I gave him a high five.


We found another dog-friendly place, Thirsty’s, and had lunch there (again, thanks Untappd!).


Finally we met up with Bernie and Mary and went to Black Hills Miner Brewing Company for some beer.



Daisy and Lady really enjoyed the back yard!


At the rehearsal dinner for Andrew’s wedding


And at the wedding itself. We had to literally drive through fields to get there.




Again, Daisy and Lady really enjoyed the back yard. We had never seen them play like this before!

Sadly it was time to start heading home. Daisy was tired after all that running around (and probably bored now that we were back in the car again).


We had to make a couple of statue stops. The first one, one of the Marlboro Men, which are spread throughout the country. Metairie had one, until that hurricane a few years ago that knocked out the power and brought crazy winds. Was that Isaac? The second was at a car wash, and was made by the place in Sparta that we visited!



Our second-to-last stop was at Boys’ Town in Nebraska. The cousin of the Twine Ball, the largest Ball of Stamps, lives there.


Our final stop was Rogers, AR, to visit Jack and Cathy. They ended up inviting everyone over for dinner! Hm. Of course there’s no pictures of that. Just dogs….




We thoroughly enjoyed our time there, and everywhere we stopped on this super-mega-awesome trip. It was great to see everyone, and to see so many new places. Thanks to everyone who housed us, fed us, and hung out with us! Don’t forget to come visit us some time!


Everyone passed out when Rose finally got back to Florida.


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Mardi Gras –> IOP 2014

5 August 2014

Wow. It’s been a while. Again. So here we go.

As usual, most of this is just a compilation of everything that’s gone on bookface or the tweeters. But we like to have it all put together in one place.

Let’s start off with the NO PARKING signs in our neighborhood that needed some sprucing up. Sadly, there was never any mention of it in our monthly neighborhood newsletter.



I worked with Munck Mix at Wanee again.




And then my parents came to visit us for Easter.


And we went to Disneyworld with them, thanks to Nate and Nanci. It was their first time there in FOREVER.



Then it was time for Jazz Fest again, again working with Munck Mix. Flava Flav played drums for a little while during Public Enemy’s set.


Jim McCormick and beatinpath with Susan Cowsill and John Gros.


Rodriguez, of Searching for Sugar Man fame.


Justin Butts follows the command of the sign (“Butts here please”) at the Threadhead Patry.


The return of the Lonesome Travelers – Stage It performance.


Christina Aguilera had a couch that no one else was allowed to sit on.


This wheelchair guy is really in a hurry.


And Nate became the newest member of the Rebirth Brass Band. If I’m not mistaken, it’s actually him featured on the Rebirth beer cans and taps.


Fast forward to June, and it was time for Rose to take her neurology boards in Nashville. I hung out with the Dukes of Hazzard while she took her test.


Then we met some creatures you’d expect to meet only in Nashville.



For my birthday we were going to see Kurt Braunohler as the last stop on his “Jet Ski for Goats” trip (you can read more about that, and until September 12 contribute to it, here). But the day before I planned to leave Nashville for NOLA, I saw that they were gonna be stopping at a place in Tennessee, and it happened to kinda be on the way home, so I stopped and saw the show there too, because it also featured Kyle Kinane, who wasn’t going to be at the New Orleans show.



Then for my birthday we saw Kurt and Kristen Schaal at One Eyed Jacks, and then went to the Plus One Show at the Hi Ho.





A few weeks later it was time again for Isle of Palms. I hadn’t been in like 3 years, and a handful of people were going, then more people were going, so it became a thing. A very fun thing.







This surprised turtle was on the wall behind me in the restaurant we ate at on our last day there. I decided to take a picture with it, with almost as much shock as he had.


Here’s the big ol’ group of us before we all left to go out separate ways like journey.


This house seriously looked like a crab.


Well. That about catches us up through most of June. I’ll post sooner next time, as a summary of the big trip we’re currently on.

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Christmas 2013 – Mardi Gras 2014

22 April 2014

Been a slacker again, so here’s the what-seems-to-have-become quarterly (or in this particular case, tertilely, if that’s even a word) update. Got a lot to cover here, and lots of other stuff to do, so I’ll be kinda cliffs-notes-y.

Christmas was 4 months ago. We got a lot of Saints stuff.

 photo DSC07441_zpsef13d2aa.jpg

 photo DSC07442_zpsdf29da25.jpg

 photo DSC07450_zpsf1c8e63b.jpg

New Year’s Eve was about 112 days ago. On our way to downtown Gainesville, we saw this dog, leash attached, running across what would be a busy street if it weren’t 9:00 at night. We decided to turn around and try to follow it and see if it would come up to us. Well we found him and got out of the car and he came right up to us. We tried to call one number on his tag, but got a voicemail. We took him home, and were gonna leave him there, but then we noticed another number and deciphered it (it was pretty worn out) and called it. The person answered and yes he does have a dog named Jackson. Didn’t realized he got out. We brought him there and dropped him off, all while the cat on the porch looked at us like, “UGH I thought I finally got rid of that dog!”

 photo 1231132151a_zps27b291af.jpg

Then we continued to our original destination and had a happy new year’s eve. Happy New Year, everyone!

 photo 1231132355_zps7a90fcb6.jpg

One of the places Rose interviewed was in Miami. It was nice, and we really liked the people at the practices. Here’s a shot from the top of our hotel, and a couple of pictures from not far away.

 photo DSC07461_zps65131f42.jpg

 photo DSC07469_zps89647d88.jpg

 photo DSC07485_zps837e4aea.jpg

Then we went to Dexter Fountain…it’s actually listed on google maps that way. It was used in Dexter tv show. And rubber duckies floating all around the fountain don’t scare all the seagulls that hang out there.

 photo DSC07501_zps56ed6cd4.jpg

 photo DSC07503_zps47d6da48.jpg

 photo 0104141502_zpsefac0eb5.jpg

Leaving Dexter fountain, I got my arm stuck in this giant butt.

 photo DSC07518_zps7c28ebdd.jpg

But then Rose rescued me and we took our picture by some boats.

 photo 0104140756a_zps78525338.jpg

A couple of weeks later I was in Orlando for Nanci’s birthday celebration featuring Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show. And to watch some football game that I won’t mention.

 photo 0111142143_zpsd43b89a5.jpg

 photo 0111142248_zps93bc609a.jpg

After that we went to San Francisco for some more interviews with more wonderful people, and to LA just to visit our people there.

 photo 0114141248_zps120c3425.jpg

In LA we stayed in this swanky neighborhood.

 photo 0118140915_zpsc58bb2b0.jpg

We went to see the Groundlings, and left at intermission because our friend Mike was performing at a place less than a mile away, and we met up with Ken to see Mike play and hang out after.

 photo 0116142127_zps799eace0.jpg

One day we went to the beach and walked to the Santa Monica pier.

 photo 0118141451_zps09e88d84.jpg

We also went to LACMA and Rose almost got cooked in spaghetti by a giant Italian.

 photo DSC07563_zps3e54483c.jpg

And there was no shortage of tall lights.

 photo 2514856_zps185944f2.jpg

We swung by Meltdown Comics too. Unfortunately no podcasts were being recorded, and we just missed the Weird Al @Midnight by a few days.

 photo 0118141627b_zpsf4428956.jpg photo 0118141627a_zps24c1e025.jpg

Greystone Mansion was pretty cool. And right down the fancy street from where we were staying.

 photo DSC07581_zps021ced68.jpg

Rose met a friend at the LaBrea Tar Pits.

 photo DSC07546_zps5f674487.jpg

I met two friends there.

 photo 2514837_zps4242753d.jpg

 photo 2514839_zps04425ff3.jpg

We also met up with this guy, Geoff LaTulippe, who wrote the movie Going the Distance. You should see that if you haven’t already. He also brought us a signed movie poster. Not bad for just randomly following someone on twitter….

 photo 0119141856_zps6e96bcba.jpg

While we were out, the HOA in Gville put a new roof on the houses in our neighborhood. Sweet! Except all the hammering knocked down the tube that goes from the sunroof roof part to the sunroof ceiling part in our bathroom. Not their fault, really, it wasn’t really in there right. Looked like it had come down before and someone just duct taped it in there. So I put some screws in it where it connects and settled that problem.

 photo 0123141005_zpsd65c77e3.jpg

I got home from Florida and hell had frozen over. Good job, January.

 photo 0124141613_zps00fced9a.jpg

 photo 0128141537a_zps7ad36e5b.jpg

We had 2 “freeze” days, so I used the time to put vinyl tile in the condo. Sure is a lot better than old carpet and cement.

 photo DSC07599_zpsd73ae746.jpg

 photo DSC07604_zps7c518b45.jpg

 photo DSC07622_zps393f197d.jpg

I worked the 610 Stompers Debutante Ball too. That was fun. Like being at my 8th grade graduation party. Unfortunately I didn’t win this guy.

 photo 0208140146_zps160bbca1.jpg

The week after that was a Brown reunion show. The first time since, like, 1998 that all these people were on the stage at the same time. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome, and perhaps bittersweet, this night was.

 photo 0209140215b_2_zps44f532f8.jpg

 photo CAM00185_zpsd494c77b.jpg

Then it was (finally) time for mardi gras, and Rose celebrated by getting a new car.

 photo IMG957348_zpsf5088e94.jpg

 photo 0224141943_zps82a9dba8.jpg

It was cold Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday…

 photo 0226142030_zps74e7a412.jpg

But warmed up nicely and Saturday and Sunday were perfect. But of course Rose was sick and missed it.

 photo 0301141719_zpsb6e6ed46.jpg

I consoled myself by buying beer. If anyone can tell me where the beer aisle is at Rouse’s, I’ll have one with you.

 photo 0302141141_zps156b8f6f.jpg

Rose was better enough to go out on mardi gras day. But of course, even tho it was one of the latest dates mardi gras can be, it was like 48 degrees and rainy. But we’re all troopers.

We parked at St. Patrick’s and waited for a cab there to take us to Pal’s. A handful passed by but didn’t want to pick us up. We called for one, and they said they’d be right there…they were at the Clearview exit (all the way out in Metairie). We waited. While we waited, a lady, probably nearish our age, walked by and got into her car, which was parked in front of St. Patrick’s. She then drove up to where we were, and asked where we were trying to go. I told her Pal’s, and she said, oh ok my brother lives near there I’ll take you. Luckily she had a big SUV, and seemed nice enough to not kill us. So we got in and she took us there. We learned that her brother is the good samaritan who was killed a year or two ago while trying to save someone who was being car jacked in Algiers. When we got to our destination, I tried to give her money, but she wouldn’t take it. So I just put it on the seat and closed the door when we said goodbye. So we’re standing there, talking to some of bikeus, and she pulls up a little and talks to another bikeus person (hi barbie!), and then leaves. Barbie comes up to us and hands us the money and says, “that lady said to give you this?” HA. Sneaky.

In case you can’t tell, I’m Rose and Rose is me.

 photo DSC07634_zps1e5472ef.jpg

 photo DSC07625_zps546062c4.jpg

 photo 0301142215_zpsca4b2ac6.jpg

Sadly it was all soon over, and we went back to Gville.

 photo 0309141454_zpsc9327f56.jpg

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June – December

24 December 2013

Wow. I’m just a slacker, eh? I thought 3-4 months was a long time. Where did this year go?!

Since it’s such a long time, and I don’t really have much to say, I’ll just hit some highlights. But then again, isn’t that what I usually do? Heh.

If for some reason you want a bigger version of a picture, just click on it!

We went to the Saints – Tampa game in September. It was bright and sunny when we got there, then was delayed for like an hour. You all saw the comeback for this game. We didn’t. Except on highlights when we got home. Yup, we left before the major comeback. Something I never do (until the Seattle game…), leave before the end. Well, it was right after we stepped (literally) one foot out of the stadium that the comeback started. So, you’re welcome.



In October we did the second annual Tower of Terror 10-Miler. We also did the first annual. So from now on, we’re doing this race every year. Next year, if this giant Mickey pumpkin is still set up, I’m doing way more exciting poses. I can’t wait!



Then for Halloween we went to Schubert’s Halloween party. As Schubert and Clemmons. Below is a picture of not us, but the people we were supposed to be. I wish we had pictures of us as them! 😉


We were in New Orleans for actual Halloween. We played mini golf at City Putt. Here’s me and Mr. Bingle.


There was a house on St. Charles with a whole bunch of punny skeletons. It was awesome. One of these days, I will be the Clark Griswold of Halloween. And of Christmas too. And Mardi Gras. Well, ok, of all major holidays.



Then there was that time Anthony Jeselnik performed at open mic at Carrollton Station, and said that it sounded better than most of the places he’d been on tour recently. Of course it did. Jonah Hill was in there the night before. Not performing. Just drinking.


Then I did a gig for Steve Gleason’s charity at Lucy’s, right before we beat the Falcons for the second time this season. That was a month ago. In typical fashion, I’m still waiting for the check. I’ll be paying them a visit Thursday. And reconsidering ever doing anything for Lucy’s ever again. But yay Gleason and Bag of Donuts and this guy who got a new van!


Then December came, and I brought Daisy to see mom at work while the cats snuggled on the patio.



Then Pete came to town from 8 degree Michigan to 80 degree Florida. We went to Paines Prairie, where I found out that, apparently, calling a white person a cracker is way more common, and far less insulting, than I had come to believe. (Prior to this, my only exposure to cracker, in that sense, was Chris Rock’s “Cracker Ass Cracker” bit (it’s on youtube).) So THAT’S what it means….

After walking all that way, Rose was pretty tired, so she just laid down on the ground before taking a picture with Pete.





This list is for people to write down the wildlife they saw that day. See if you can guess which ones we wrote.


Saturday, thanks to Nate and Nanci, we went do Disney World. Yaaaaaayyyyyyy! If you haven’t been recently, there are no more turnstyles, and to get in with Disney employees, you have a card with both a magnetic strip and a RF chip that you scan, and the light spins, and turns green, and you go right in. Well, Nate had left the cards in his car, and one of them bent a little. It was fine for someone else to use, but it didn’t work for me. So they had to have the roaming person with the ipad come over and run the magnetic strip whenever we entered a park. So the strip worked but the chip was probably broken. Nothing that had to be taken care of that day. Why do I tell you all this? Well, when I went to one of the parks, and told them it wouldn’t scan, the guy who came over with the ipad was from Lafayette (according to his name tag). So after he scanned it I said, “Oh btw we’re from New Orleans…” and he responded with “Who dat!!!! We’re gonna beat Carolina tomorrow night!!” and we did. 🙂







We took Pete to the sinkhole on Sunday.


Here’s our Christmas decorations! Including our awesome Star Trek and Lion King light-up ornaments.







And of course, my kickass nativity set everyone loves. 🙂


This is in our front yard. Ah, just kidding, I wish. It’s at Lafreniere Park in Metairie. Guess what day it is!


Finally, we took our fall cabining trip in December instead of Halloween this year (again, ahem, long story). Unfortunately Rose couldn’t make this one. We watched Charlie Brown Christmas in the Nature Center, then a bunch of goofy pictures outside. This was the “prom” pose.



Ok. Well it’s just about time to go to Christmas Eve Mass, so I’ll wrap this up with our annual Christmas card. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Everyone!


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April – June

25 June 2013

Wow. It’s been 3 months since I posted anything. Time flies.

(This paragraph written June 18…sheesh) First a little comment about the blog. Early Friday morning I had an email that my hosting was ready. Which was weird cuz I’ve had the same hosting since we started this thing 3 years ago. So I looked at it the next morning, and the site wasn’t loading right. Or at all. I also noticed I couldn’t ftp anything, because I wanted to back up the latest parts of the site. So I called while waiting in the airport for 5 hours (more on that later), and they said it was just normal maintenance and I should be back to normal later that day. Well after all day of traveling, and working that night, and doing the bridge run that morning, after Rose left, I called again. Told them about the email, and the conversation the day before. He looked into it some more and noticed that a neighbor on the shared server I was on had run a script and caused some problems, and I was affected by that. Great. So they could fix it, but it would take a few days. Or, if I wanted, we could move me over from Windows to Linux (yes please!), and that would be easier and faster…only problem would be I’d lose all my site stuff. I’d have to set it all up again. But I know what I’m doing, and I have it all (mostly) backed up, so it won’t take me that long to get it all together again. I had just exported my wordpress database (in lay terms, basically the heart and soul of this blog…everything I’ve ever posted, its structure, look, etc) in the airport while I was actually able to get in, and, while on the phone Sunday, I said, oh, let me make sure i have one more thing backed up (the guestbook from our original site, the wedding site). Then we reset it, and got it all up and running again Sunday night and Monday. And some of today. But what dummy (me) didn’t think of, was, a LOT of the wedding site (including the guestbook) was in the other database I had (not the wordpress one), and strangely, one that, in the 3 years of having this thing, I NEVER FREAKING BACKED UP. I find that hard to believe, but whatevz. So, bye bye online wedding guestbook. Oh well. I emailed them to see if there’s any way they might have some kind of backup of that even if the account was cancelled/moved. I’m not holding my breath, but hey it can’t hurt to ask. UPDATE at the end of typing this entire blog: Yeah, i can get it back. If I let them know within 30 days of changing, and if I pay them $150! Anyone wanna get a kickstarter going? 😛 So yeah. Whatever. Anyway… Also lost were a bunch of pictures, cuz they just take too long to download and back up, and I have them all on my computer and backed up on drives (gotta do that again soon), so no biggie. At least I have the main posts…and some with pictures. Speaking of pictures…in the process of re-linking some of the pictures that I did have backed up, I noticed how much I posted when we first started this thing. It’s crazy to compare that to now!

But enough tech talk. Let’s get to the fun!

It was the middle of April the last time I was in Florida. Now it’s the middle of June. As a matter of fact, it was just about 2 months to the day since the last time I was here. What’s been going on in between??

On April 6, before leaving for FL again, I did the first of three of the “bridge run series,” three 5k runs over the three bridges that cross the Mississippi River in the New Orleans area. Those completing all three receive a special medal (which I’m still waiting for). I did this one by myself, but Rose would be in town for the other two.

2013-04-06_09-06-42_578 2

Then I went to Gainesville for the normal visit, and when I left G-ville, I went to work with Munck Mix (Jazz Fest Live) at Wanee Music Fest, about an hour north of here. Had a great time, but it was stupid cold. Why did I need 4 layers and pants in late April in Florida?! And it rained Friday night. Good thing I didn’t have much to do Friday night. My favorite set during the day was definitely Michael Franti. I liked his songs and he definitely works the crowd. Seems like a good guy. Saturday night my last “job” was to record Galactic and Friends at midnight. The last show of the fest. It was a good one. That went until about 2am. While killing time before the show, I was walking around with my beardhead on (since it was cold), and behind the soon-to-be Galactic stage, this dude says to me, “Hey Rabbi, how’s it going, Rabbi?” I just laughed and said something like, “Oy, shalom my son” and kept going. Later, that guy got on stage and played drums for a few songs. Turns out it was the current, and original, drummer from Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ha. Anyway, despite the rain and the cold, I had a great time. You can see pix here if interested.

Headed home Sunday for NOLA, and Jazz Fest started Friday. Worked again with the Munck Mix guys every day of the fest, and Carrollton Station every night, Friday – second Saturday. Even did a city park gig the Thursday between. And the Threadhead Patry on the Tuesday in between. Yup, it’s the one time of year I can just keep going. Lots of good shows, lots of good fun, lots of good people. I should really blog closer to when the fest is over, because really, nothing really stands out this far down the line. Actually, lots of stuff stands out, but it’s one big blur. If I had to pull a few things off the top of my head, it would be the Jazz Fest Live golf cart breaking down halfway around the track (ran out of gas, and there’s no gas gauge, duh) (and yes, I got to drive the cart a lot this year), solving recording problems either remotely or by delegating while watching Mute Math, the one full set I wanted to see and succeeded in seeing during the whole fest, hustling up a second rig for a stage that found out within like 15 minutes of the set that we were gonna need more than 24 channels, and staying dry the whole time during the rainy first Sunday…except when I had no choice and had to leave to go work at the station. Probably the wettest I’ve been fully clothed in my entire life. I had to walk to my bike, and then ride to my car. Sheesh. Oh yeah. And on the way from my car to my bike parking spot on the first Friday…FIRST DAY… my bike got a flat. Thankfully a Jazz Fest Miracle occurred, and I was able to leave early enough to get to the only bike shop that was open past 5pm…on Frenchman Street… and get a parking spot right on the corner. Miracle, indeed. After working with the Munck Mix guys all week, and indirectly with Mike Mayeux and some other folks I had worked with before, I got to spend the rest of second Sunday night (until about midnight) helping Mike and co break down all their stuff. Pictures here.

Jimmy Cliff:
Jimmy Cliff


Mute Math:
Mute Math

Mute Math

Out of the Mouth:
Out of the Mouth

Susan Cowsill Band:
Susan Cowsill Band

Aaron Neville:
Aaron Neville

Ritchie, Smiley, and me:
Ritchie, Smiley, me

Mayeux and krewe:
Mayeux and crew

Since Rose was off to study for her board exams, I convinced her to leave Florida and come study in New Orleans, since this time it was my schedule that was crazy. So she came in town either the Thursday or Friday in between…don’t remember which…I think Thursday… and stayed didn’t go back until June 16!

But a lot happened in between Jazz Fest and Rose going back to Florida.

For example, we went to the Hangover III Premiere in L.A., completing our Hangover screening/premiere trilogy. We booked some almost last minute flights (got some good prices for last minute flights to California), accidentally found out about Airbnb from our friend Monya, and found a great place to stay that was very reasonably priced, and really close to where (we thought) the premiere was gonna be. If you’re ever in the Hollywood area, you should look him up – Stephen’s place. The premiere wasn’t at the Chinese Theater this time, it was at the Fox Theater in Westwood, but that wasn’t a problem. We didn’t have a car this time, but thanks to our airbnb host, found out about Lyft, and used that when we needed to get somewhere.

Well, we did have a car when we got there, but just for a day and a half to go to the beach in San Diego, where we found these weird alien creatures.


Rose studied a lot, even on the beach, and then we went to L.A.

The week before we left I got an email that goes to the email list of Bill Berry, a guy that used to be in Brown, the improv comedy troupe I had done backstage stuff with for years. He’s now out there doing music, and had a songwriters’ square the first night we were in L.A., so of course we attended with our friends Monya and Ryan.

Songwriter Square

Monday morning we went to Runyon Canyon park, where we walked a lot.

Runyon Canyon Park

We walked back to our place, rested a little, studied a little, and went to the premiere. We didn’t sit behind Mike Tyson this time, but everyone who was there as Ken’s guests were people we knew, except for one couple we sat next to, who we know now (it was Kevin Shea from The Kims of Comedy). It was good to see all those people again.

Us before the premiere:

The after party:

These were real people:

Now, I’m not really one to go up and be a “hey can i take my picture with you” kinda guy, but it was near the end of the night, and there wasn’t much going on, and I had had a few patroncicles (fruit pops mixed with patron), so I went up and asked if we could have a picture. I had a feeling that the first one didn’t come out, because the phone camera flashes twice, and the guy taking it was giving us back the phone as it took the second flash. So we thanked him, started to walk away, and I looked and saw that it was indeed blurry. So I’m definitely not a bother-someone-twice kinda guy…but I wasn’t gonna let this go. We turned around, I profusely apologized, and explained, and asked if we could take one more. And of course he said yes! 🙂

Ed Helms

And here’s the group of Ken’s guests:

Ken's guests

It was great to reminisce with Mike O. too.

Later when we were leaving, and telling Ken goodbye, Ed walked over to tell Ken goodbye. Ken introduced us to Ed, and Ed said, “Yes, we’ve met! We took some pictures together.” 😀 Then soon after Justin Bartha and his fiance walked up, and Ken introduced us to him. If the right moment had come up I woulda asked for a group photo, but it didn’t, but that’s ok. We got the one with Ed, and our group photo up there, so I was happy. Then, sadly, it was time to leave. We caught a Lyft and went home.

We killed time in Hollywood while waiting to go to the airport. Which is to say, I killed time walking around and taking pictures, and Rose killed time…..studying! Go fig. 😉

rose studying

You can find the full album here.

Then Rose studied for another few weeks, and I had a birthday, and we did the next in the bridge run series the day before leaving for Seattle. Oh yeah. There was another 5k in there that Rose was supposed to do with me but was sick, the Fat Boy 5k. Post-race food included donuts, beer, snow balls, pizza, pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, you name it.


The one the day before we left for Seattle was in the evening, and was actually 4 miles. This bridge was (controversially) a toll bridge, but that had recently been changed, so they just blue-taped over the “TOLL” part of the sign.





Then it came time to go to Seattle and take the test. We were supposed to get in around 9 Sunday night, but because of weather delays in Houston, we didn’t get in til around midnight. We got our rental car and headed to our airbnb.

Monday, thanks to a suggestion from Pamela, we had lunch at Beecher’s cheese, where you get to watch them make cheese.

Beecher's Cheese

For dinner, thanks to a suggestion from Jake’s people, we went to Ma’ono Fried Chicken and Whisky. Delicious. Everything. Especially the popcorn ice cream.

Ma'ono Rose

Ma'ono Jeff

Tuesday morning, Rose took the first half of her test, then we had lunch. I took a picture with a giant pig. It reminded me of Daisy.


Then Rose went back to take the second half of the test. I stayed downtown, eventually went to a place with a bunch of beer on tap, and waited for Rose to get done. As you may have seen in a status update, Better Than Ezra came on the radio there and Ken called right before Rose called to say she was done, so that was pretty awesome.

Wednesday we walked around Lincoln Park, which was right down the street from where we were staying (not to be confused with Linkin Park…). Keep in mind, this is JUNE.

Lincoln Park

Later we went to see This Is The End (awesome), and went to the World of Beer, next to the theater. And as you also may have seen in a status update, the first song that I heard there was Eric Lindell.

Thursday we walked around downtown and went to the space needle. Not in it, cuz we didn’t feel like paying admission, but at least we went to it.

jeff hat

rose hat

We’re goofy.

We had lunch, and then went outside and fed the seagulls. I coulda done that all day! Some of them are brave enough to take it right out of your hands.


Friday we went on a hike to hot springs. It was a 45 or so minute drive on normal road, then a 15 mile drive on unpaved road that takes like 2 hours, then a hike in the woods for about 4.5 – 5 miles. It wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been, cuz there wasn’t a lot of uphill. 🙂


big stump

Once you get to the springs, there are 3 “stacked” pools, which each getting warmer as you go up. It was awesome!



us again

By this time of day, the weather was really nice. But up there, at the top? Yeah. That’s snow. No thanks!


You can see the full Seattle album here.

We went back, had dinner at Zeeks Pizza, and went to bed early to catch our 7am flight….

We left the house around 3:45/4:00am. While on the shuttle from the rental car drop off to the airport, I look at my phone, which said our flight was at 7. I opened up another app, and uh oh, the flight is at 6! Ok, so this is probably my fault for not double-checking earlier. And I’m sure I was notified of this change. But it hit me like a ton of bricks, because this was 4:55 that I realized this, and we were on the shuttle and almost at the airport. No problem, we’re not checking bags, so we’ll just check in at the do it yourself computer and be fine. WRONG. When we got to the do it yourself computer, it was like, 5:02. Since it was less than an hour before the plane left, we couldn’t self check-in. UGH. So then we waited in line to change flights another 20-25 minutes, which changed our flight to 10:42 (yes, 5 hours later), which would get us to New Orleans at 6:50pm (and I was doing a gig that night). After going through security, we get to our gate (which is only 8 gates away from our original gate), and we hear, “this is last call for passengers xyz” FOR OUR ORIGINAL FLIGHT!!! Dude. We coulda made that crap. Even with the waiting in line. And we TOTALLY coulda made it if we had been able to check ourselves in. STUPID AIRLINE POLICY. So yeah. We made it home, 3 hours later than planned. I ate, and went straight to Carrollton Station.

Sunday morning we woke up and did the final bridge run, across the bridge that used to be 18′ wide, two lanes, with no shoulders. It was expanded to be a “real bridge,” and the run was part of the “opening ceremonies” for the new bridge. (




And here’s all the various race swag.


And now I’m finsihed this post, as well as, unfortunately, almost finished this trip to g-ville. Hopefully Swamphead and Margaritas for dinner, and then I leave tomorrow morning to work Wednesdays on the Point in Algiers on Thursday (yes, wednesday on thursday. since it’s the 4th and all.)

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